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Console Wars: Xbox One vs Nintendo Switch, which is better?

Debate Information

This is more relaxed debate, and more fun too.

It is simple, which is better, Nintendo Switch of Xbox One?
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    Which is your favorite?

    2 votes
    1. Nintendo Switch
    2. Xbox One

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Voting Format: Casual Voting

Rounds: 3

Time Per Round: 1 Hour Per Round

Voting Period: 24 Hours

Round 1

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Round 3


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  • Round 1 | Position: For
    Luigi7255Luigi7255 352 Pts   -   edited May 20
    Switch will be Pro. First-round is acceptence.
    "I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."
  • Round 1 | Position: For
    MrDebatePerson2MrDebatePerson2 240 Pts   -   edited May 20

    I am for Xbox One 

    Design and features

    In terms of hardware design, the Xbox One and Switch are completely different machines. The Xbox One looks and operates like a traditional gaming console. It weighs more and takes up significantly more space than the Switch — even when compared to the lighter, more compact Xbox One S. In home console play, the Switch’s 6.3-inch display slides into the included dock, taking up a sliver of space on your entertainment center.

    In terms of media, the Xbox One uses Blu-ray discs and is capable of playing both Blu-ray films and DVDs. By contrast, the Switch cannot be used as a media player. The console does not have a disc drive, so it cannot play DVDs or Blu-rays. Similarly, the Xbox One has access to a full suite of streaming apps, including Netflix, Amazon, HBO Go, and more. The Switch has only one streaming app, Hulu, so your media viewing options are limited.

    It’s important to note that for online gaming, Xbox Live has voice chat, party systems, and social elements to connect with friends. The Switch features a far less robust version of these services, and all in-game chat requires a dedicated mobile app.

    However, I will not ignore the positives to the Nintendo Switch 

    The Switch, on the other hand, allows players to change things up, and control games in many different ways. With the Joy-Cons attached to the included Joy-Con grip and the console docked, users can play Switch games in a traditional console format. Joy-Cons can also be used for refined motion gaming while in console mode, thanks to built-in gyroscopes, accelerometers, and an HD Rumble feature. The right Joy-Con also includes an IR sensor, which allows motion to be picked up without needing to be directed at your television screen. When the Joy-Cons are attached to the main unit, the Switch can be played on the go. Its capacitive touchscreen registers multiple finger presses at one time. Additionally, the unit can be propped up via a kickstand on the back for tabletop mode, with the Joy-Cons turned on their sides so they somewhat resemble tiny NES controllers. The Switch Pro controller, which costs an additional $70, offers a similar feel as the Xbox One controller.

    However when I compare the two, I feel like the Xbox One suit my needs and is the better choice for me, so I am For the Xbox One.
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