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Were Fauci's Emails Bad?

Debate Information

Want to see people's thoughts on some of the newer new surrounding the vaccines:

Fauci's Email's 

News surrounding Covid may have come from Wuhan lab, after previously being "debunked".

Facebook censoring news that causing "vaccine hesitancy" even if it is true.
Someone I know posted some of Fauci's own emails to Facebook and it got flaggd. for misleading information.

@Arrong, why can't we spell the word "Flaggd" it won't appear if I spell correctly

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  • all4acttall4actt 231 Pts   -  
    What's the debate or are you just making a statement @MichaelElpers
  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 819 Pts   -  

    Just wanted to see people's opinion on the above topics.
  • all4acttall4actt 231 Pts   -  
    I think mayb b.f e you nneed to be more direct in what you want to dabat.

    Example: You said:>>Want to see people's thoughts on some of the newer new surrounding the vaccines:

    Maybe  you should post as seperate debate and site examples of the new information, ie. The fact that in the US you have less than 98% chance of dying from Covid per  the.CDC.  Might also want to compare iit to that CDC's reports in US of common illness's  such  as the flu or pneumonia. I don't know the answer by ugh t worth looking into for ccx saake vhf of ccx a little strong argumennt.

    Or if your main goal is to.debate the censorship  facebbook engages in of informationn that dosen't fit their preferred narrative.  Wel, that would be a seperate debate. 

    The way you stated your topic just isn't clear or focused.

    Please rake no offense. Just attempting to help.
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