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Supported Universal Healthcare Model?

Debate Information

Hey everyone,

Wanted to start a topic on what system of universal healthcare you would like to have implemented. This can be as simple as a current country's system (with or without modification), a completely new model, or a anything else in between. Should the government pay for all or none of it? What role does the market and government play in your system? 

Note: This isn't a debate about if we should have a universal system of some kind or not. That would need to be a separate debate in and of itself.  

Look forward to reading and discussing this topic with you.

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  • MichaelElpersMichaelElpers 860 Pts   -   edited July 14

    One where the term "universal" means opportunity to access. Free market should determine supply and demand and all the prices should be known.

    To me the government should only be helping for illnesses that the person had no control over. I don't think the government should be determining whether you get treatment or how much is available, the person providing the service should just like all other industries.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 3946 Pts   -  
    I am generally in favor of spontaneously arising order, as opposed to intelligently designed order. It is natural for people to want to have some form of security in their lives, some assurance that, should something unexpected happen, they will be protected from the consequences - but it is a big mistake to assume that such security must always be built artificially. More often than not simply having access to resources allowing one to mitigate the damage is enough.
    As the famous saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and you will feed him for a day. Teach him to fish, and you will feed him for a lifetime." Instead of being given the final product, people should be given access to tools allowing them to obtain that final product on their own.

    Applying this reasoning to the universal healthcare, I would suggest a fully private and voluntary system where "universality" is assured through private charity and insurance. Those who cannot pay the healthcare fees and have not received enough charity and insurance coverage could take a loan and pay it off later. Those who cannot receive a loan either... well, they need to pitch their cause better. People generally are kind and are willing to help you if you can make it worth your while. And if you cannot, then, honestly, no one has any reason to help you, and that is perfectly fine too. The whole idea of peaceful coexistence is that people do not force anything on each other and, instead, offer something in exchange for services they want to receive from others.

    This is both a moral-based and practicality-based argument. I can elaborate further on both accounts, and I would also add that, in terms of efficiency, private-based system has the benefit of being easily adjustable by individual providers, while public-based system is, to a large extent, set in stone and inflexible. A good actor on a bad private market can still provide high-quality healthcare, while on a bad public market everyone is forced to provide low-quality one.
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