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Do You Like Being Watched?

Debate Information

New technology can be daunting, can't it? Something that is designed to make our lives easier can be more of an intrusion to some.

Take video surveillance, for example. Everywhere you go there is a video camera watching your every move whether it be walking down the street, at the service station, In the supermarket, at work, at home. There are cameras on satellites, on your TV, and even new-born babies are indoctrinated into being watched and listened to as they lay in their cots.

Does it worry the crap out of you that you are being watched all the time? Because isn't God is watching you constantly anyway?

In fact, it is said that God does a much better job of it than all the CCTV systems in the world. Not only does he watch your every move and hear every word, but He also knows everything that you think. He also knows everything you will do and say.

Worth thinking about, the next time you go to take a dump or look at those dodgy websites, don't you think?

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