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The Texas anti-abortion law is racist

Debate Information

The Texas anti-abortion law is racist

Debate Information

I will use the word "Racist" to mean any policy that negatively affects one race more than another.

1. There is no prohibition from people going out of state to get the medical care that they need. Some people can't afford to go to a pro-abortion jurisdiction. Some people can.
2. With poverty rates twice as high as those for white Texans, Hispanic and black residents are disproportionately burdened by poverty, with Hispanics making up more than half of the state's poor population even though they're far from the majority of the state's population.
3. Therefore, people of colour are twice as likely to find the new law onerous than the whites. The law is a policy that negatively affects people of colour more than white people, and by my definition, is racist.


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