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Churches and trans bishops

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Recently, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in San Francisco installed the first trans bishop in history, Rev. Megan Roher. 

This brought up a question in my mind, nowhere in the Bible does it condemn trans people, so why do people use the Bible as an excuse to be transphobic? Does it stem from fear? From non-conformity? What is it?

So yeah, what is it?
"I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."

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  • SwolliwSwolliw 1130 Pts   -  
    so why do people use the Bible as an excuse to be transphobic? 

    For the very reason that they do not wish to change their bigoted attitude towards minority groups. It's a case of, "If you don't think and act like me, you are a piece of lowly scum."

    The term of "transphobic" is quite apt, as with "homophobic" since what we are dealing with is a fear (of trans or homosexuals) born through profound ignorance. It is an abominable situation that Churches, instead of correctly addressing these fears, actually harbor them and quote passages from the Bible as (very weak) excuses for their loathing.

  • @Luigi7255.

    So, we condemn it because God created us in the beginning, man and women. People who change that, are contradicting Gods plan.
  • xlJ_dolphin_473xlJ_dolphin_473 1572 Pts   -  
    So we should ignore how we feel about ourselves, because God is supposedly more important?
  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 286 Pts   -  

    According to Christianity, God created a day and night, which transitions between each other, so why are people any different?
    "I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."
  • @xlJ_dolphin_473. Becoming Trans is mainly caused by gender dysphoria. Gender is biological, you are what you are, and that is male and female. Changing that is contrary to God's plan.
  • xlJ_dolphin_473xlJ_dolphin_473 1572 Pts   -  
    Gender dysphoria is a very real thing, I agree. And the best solution to gender dysphoria, which is caused by a contradiction between the gender someone experiences and the biological sex of their body, is gender reassignment. I fail to see what your argument is here.
  • @Luigi7255. That is absolutely hilarious. Your argument can not even bear the weight of it self. Humans and solar cycles are so different. 
  • @xlJ_dolphin_473. My argument is that people are confused. Gender dysphoria is caused by becoming transgender so how is that solving it.
  • xlJ_dolphin_473xlJ_dolphin_473 1572 Pts   -  
    You are mistaken. Gender dysphoria is not caused by becoming transgender. Gender dysphoria, according to the official definition, is a mismatch between someone's gender identity and their biological sex. And so, gender reassignment is the best solution, to resolve that mismatch.
  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 286 Pts   -  

    That is so hilariously wrong that I can make anyone around me laugh if I told it out loud. It is the complete opposite of what you say, which would be gender dysphoria is cured by becoming trans, and showing who you truly were in the first place.
    "I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."
  • BlastcatBlastcat 178 Pts   -  

    You ask us to generalize.
    there are many possible reasons for being trans-phobic.

    I have to talked to many trans-phobic people, and they didn't all have the same reasons. I mostly discuss topics like that with Evangelical Christians of all kinds, who tend to be more extreme in their positions.

    These extremists use bible quotes to justify their opinions... but then again, any position can be supported by bible quotes. I think there are two verses that they tend to use.. the one about gay sex being an abomination to the lord and that marriage is between a man and a woman.

    Well, times have changed. We know know that gay sex is fine and that people of the same sex can and should legally marry.

  • SwolliwSwolliw 1130 Pts   -  
    Gender dysphoria is caused by becoming transgender so how is that solving it.

    Gender dysphoria is more likely caused by vilification by those who are prejudiced and bigoted towards those in minority groups and who use ancient and irrelevant texts (e.g. the Bible) to justify their ignorance, fear and loathing of other human beings.

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