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How Far Can Faith Go?

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Husband: Hey, I have booked the whole family into the most expensive restaurant in town tonight and got tickets to the most exclusive show.

Wife: What, are you crazy? We can barely make ends meet and you're lashing out like that?

Husband: Don't worry, I've got it covered. And while I was at it, I put our house on the market, put a deposit on a $5 million estate, plus ordered a new Bentley. Oh, and I quit my job.

Wife: Quit your job! ? Holy crap, and just how do you think we are going to afford such extravagances?

Husband: Well, I bought a ticket in the national lotteries and we are going to win $100 million first prize.

Wife: You are really off your rocker; our chances of winning that are zilch.

Husband: Ah, But you can't say that it is impossible for us to win, can you? You can't rule out the possibility and you have to believe and have faith that we will win.

Wife: Well, I believe that you are a completely deluded nit-wit and have faith that you will never walk back through the door that you are just about to leave through.

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