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Pronoun issues

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As we all know, prnouns became a very clear thing in early 2016-2017 and has now gotten out of hand, going far beyond the He/she/they pronouns. Now it has just gotten absurd with what kids can now "Identify" as. I am a gay man, and I have dated a trans person, I am perfectly fine with that, however, I start having issues whenever someone wants to be called a gender to which they do not look like (Like a boy wanting to be a girl and making no effort to look like a girl). In schools, teachers will now ask what students pronouns are at the start of school years and personally, I find it ridiculous. I am not comfortable with the idea of pronouns being as big a topic and do not think it is as important as anything else, since whenever I am talking about a person, I will call them by name, and by what they look like. What are your thoughts on pronouns? Should they be a mandatory question to ask students in classrooms? Or for job interviews? Or should the child who wants to be called different finally grow a pair and tell others without having to be asked? 
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    Should kids just grow up and handle things on their own without needing an adult to help?

    4 votes
    1. Yes, they need support because they are vulnerable
    2. No, they need to understand the world is not as accepting as they think.

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  • DeeDee 4703 Pts   -   edited October 2021

    It’s refreshing to hear your perfectly reasonable piece on the matter I’m perfectly fine with he/ she /they also , it’s utterly bewildering now and a game I refuse to play 

    It’s gone utterly ridiculous and there are 131 different such terms and counting. Included now are people who don’t want their babies called he/she but want them called “theybies” as they claim their gender is undecided , this is utterly ridiculous and a game I refuse to play.

    Recently on this site a person came on demanding that I use gender pronouns if addressing them as they’re  “non binrary “ and also that I should do that even when they weren’t in ear -shot  and told me that I was “cisgender”  and that was their preferred way of addressing me which I told them was nonsense as I was male and their ridiculous terminology was meaningless , of course this led to an immediate sulk 

    The same person was enraged that I said my birth sex was male and that I should be saying “ my assigned sex” as by saying birth sex I was somehow saying it in a “superior way “ …..this is how far this nonsense has gone where these individuals wish to bully others into bowing to their nonsense and sulk and pout if one does not immediately play their attention seeking ridiculous gender label games of course also insisting you cannot use the term “male “anymore or “birth sex” as they may make you sound smug and superior 

    This non binrary person said they identify as male and female and I asked how they can tell one from the other as what does it feel like to be male ? What does it feel like to be female? Of course they fled fbecause they refused to answer and of course totally disappeared from the site 

    Why do I need to know what these individuals are feeling inside , I never ask their religion , politics so why is this being forced on society in the workplace and colleges where it’s used mainly as a weapon to bully others , all I need to know in a workplace or college is your name all the rest is totally irrelevant unless we are close he / she / they I’m good with if you want another label wear a badge a badge letting us all know it would help greatly 

    Recently 8 people in one class came out as all non binrary , proving that a lot of this is merely attention seeking nonsense 

    Will it become accepted now that we have to take the feelings of people who identify as Cows seriously ? Unicorns? Pigs? they’re all a thing we wouldn’t want to mis -label them lest the shrieking mob descend and demand you are outed , shamed and sacked from your job 

    This is the stuff of an Orwellian nightmare with the Ministry of truth running the show where any notion of objective truth and common sense are artfully re-worked to conform to the new “party line” 
    Orwell called it “doublethink “ where doublethink replaces facts or reality with a reality that can be reconstructed any which way one want by the most vocal social influencers around 

    Years ago this type of phenomenon was witnessed when we had Muslims running amok over cartoons of “the prophet” and the loudest PC social mouthpieces demanded we re-brand Islam as “the religion of peace “ which most world leaders shamefully agreed to the new terminology in fear of being shrieked at by the PC mob .

    The term “Isalamaphobia” was tossed about like confetti at a wedding and any criticisms of Islam were shrieked down as “islamaphobia” which means” a fear of “ the PC brigade totally ignoring people had a justified fear of such , the term “Islamaphobia” was used to bully others into silence and it worked in most cases 

    Here is one suffering from Boanthrophy seriously ? Attention whores of the worst type.

    MOO , MOO …….
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4521 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Analogy

    Suppose I move to Japan. I walk around on the streets of Mito, talk to various people - and realize that no one can understand me, because I speak English and they speak Japanese. Now I get upset and say, "How dare they disrespect me so! My preferred language is English, yet they refuse to learn it to accommodate my needs and keep speaking their weird Japanese".

    I imagine that every single person on Earth would listen to it and think, "What a crazy person". Every child understands that, when you go to a society with an established culture, it is up to you to adapt to that culture, not up to that culture to adapt to you. People in that culture communicate with each other a certain way; if you do not want to learn that way, then what are you even doing there?

    Now there is a minority of people here with peculiar preferences, who want to use their own variation of English language that the vast majority of the population has never used. As I see it, their demands to be called a certain "pronoun" are akin to my demands to be addressed in English while living in Japan.

    When I need to specify my "preferred pronouns" somewhere, I write something like "Whichever you want to use". I have long hoped for someone to take this as seriously as they, according to their ridiculous ideology, are supposed to and actually call me that: "Whichever you want to use, how are you doing today?" That would really make my day!
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