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Does Color Really Matter?

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I realise this may be a very contentious issue and I have never been one to delve into such a delicate subject but I am now compelled to do so.
And, again I realise that I am taking a different slant than usual but I am talking here in particular about the color yellow and it is beginning to dig a chink out of my day to day thinking.
Don't get me wrong; there are many degrees of yellow, if you know what I mean, but it is the very dark yellow color that really concerns me. 
My wife knees me about this quite often and says I should drink more water but really, does it matter how dark your p is?

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  • Luigi7255Luigi7255 484 Pts   -   edited October 2021
    Oh yes, it does. This is according to Cleveland Health Clinic (

    When you’re healthy and hydrated, your urine should fall somewhere between colorless and the color of light straw and honey. When you don’t consume enough fluids, your urine becomes more concentrated and turns a darker yellow or amber color.

    "I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."
  • exconexcon 377 Pts   -  

    Hello S:

    I recommend a book called "Trail In The Sand", by I.P. Freely.

  • SwolliwSwolliw 1328 Pts   -  
    I recommend a book called "Trail In The Sand", by I.P. Freely.
    Good one.
    It reminds me of "Rusty Bedsprings" by I.P. Knightly.
    And, "Tragedy on the Clifftop" by Eileen Dover.
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