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Where Is Heaven?

Debate Information

It's where you decide to make it, that's where.

After all, who wants to live in a contrived Heaven for all eternity where you have nothing better to do than to watch countless billions of re-runs of The Simpsons (if they ever get to that satage) and getting utterly peed off at having to visit all your "loved ones" even more countless billions of times.
And I bet the beer isn't even the right temperature up there either.

My Heaven is right here. I have my family, friends, a dog and a cave with my collection of guitars, valve amp, and a large bar fridge.
I can lay on the trampoline at night (after a few frothies) look at the stars, smell the flowers during the day and feel the breeze without having to worry about how they got there.

I can look forward to the day when I am done and have had a great, full life with no regrets without having to constantly feed an overactive ego with grandiose ideas of some sort of afterlife.

That's my Heaven, what's yours?

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