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How Do We Apply the Constructs of Knowledge?

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And, in particular, how do some people respond to challenges that might compromise the extent of their knowledge or particular biases?
For example, I have studied the various methods these people use when faced with such situations on a well-known on-line debating site and picked up these following pointers:

Don't offer a reply or argument but always question the question itself.
The next step will be to question a component of the original argument in order to divert or stall the topic.
When asked to prove a point always remember to answer a question with a question; the best tactic is to simply say, "prove it isn't so".
If daring to make an argument always use non sequiturs and ad populums, hopefully, nobody will notice.
Throw in a handy throw away line such as "beyond science" .
When you know that you are well and truly defeated and all the above doesn't work, attack the writer of the argument by commenting on his or her mental capacity or will surely deliver a good guilt trip and if anything make you feel better.

These are just a few basic tactics I have found for budding trollers . Are there any that you can add to the list?

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