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A Short History of Land Surveying

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WWI may have been scientifically unavoidable as advances made in the science of property surveying land on a scale of greater accuracy were not openly accepted as a blessing.

Yes, I suppose that Hitler and his planners could have made good use of one of Nikon's best digital theodolites. I mean they mis plotted the borderline of Poland by a long shot  which precipitated the war. The existing maps as drawn up by the Treaty of Versailles certainly showed Germany in no uncertain terms where the border lines of France were drawn. So it was quite clear-cut when it came to reclaiming lost territory but that theodolite would have been handy once again since the Nazi tank divisions overshot their target by a few hundred kilometers and ended up rolling down the Champs Elysee. Mind you, to be fair, the Panzer commanders and subordinates were so high on meth they wouldn't have been able to read the LCD display let alone set up the said Nikon instrument.

From then on of course, the Germans simply gave up and threw the maps away and initiated a new policy of "Veni vidi vici" and "ceased" every opportunity thereafter.

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  • The united state in WWI throughout Europe was scientifically accurate land surveying.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1209 Pts   -  
    The united state in WWI throughout Europe was scientifically accurate land surveying.

    Ah well you see, that's because the United States got into the action a bit later on and by that time they were using Technicolor in the movies taken on the front and in the air. From those, the Yan.....I mean, Americans, could make out the tank markings which would not necessarily show up in good ole monochrome then, Shazzam, that's how the war was won. 

  • @Swolliw

    When I write the united state it is not America in this case. It is a generic name for legal grievance, a united state of law, get it? And legal precedent these are the united states as well. The United States according to the American Consitution is the union pointed out by the constitutional process to locate and identify the more perfect union between states as governing takes place.
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1209 Pts   -  
    a united state of law, get it? 

    Yep, I was just taking the P as usual.

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