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Sometimes, there is a line when it comes to inclusiveness.

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Oh boy, I have something to rant about.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have to say that DC making Superman bi, it just SCREAMS "I like money". I think most people agree with that sentiment, even people like me. Like, yes, you can make characters bi, gay, non-binary, etc., but at least don't make it obvious that you're doing it for money. Sure, bi youth would have someone to look up to, but other people would want to look down upon DC for doing this. This honestly is also corporate suicide from without and within.

Any objections?
"I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."

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  • DeeDee 4487 Pts   -   edited October 15
    The world has gone mad with this bu-ll everything now has to remodeled and structured around so called  “ inclusiveness “ and we are constantly being told what that really means by those who know, it’s turned into the stuff of an Orwellian nightmare ….

  • DeeDee 4487 Pts   -  
    The world has gone mad with this bu-ll everything now has to remodeled and structured around so called  “ inclusiveness “ and we are constantly being told what that really means by those who know, it’s turned into the stuff of an Orwellian nightmare ….

  • SwolliwSwolliw 1297 Pts   -  
    Just ride with it. Sure there's the money but then the whole Superman thing is a money machine anyway.
    The only thing that would concern me is if they changed the costume colors of red, yellow and blue to rainbow.
    Now, that would be something.
  • JGXdebatePROJGXdebatePRO 393 Pts   -  
    It's just virtue signalling, in essence. Nobody really cares over at DC about all of this LGBT stuff. It's woke nonsense so they don't have to do anything real
    Viva la revolución

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4152 Pts   -  
    I would say that the line is pretty simple: "inclusiveness" is an illogical concept. When doing something, only things relevant to achieving the end goal should be included. Inclusiveness as a goal in itself is ridiculous.

    Now, on this topic, I am not one of those sensitive people who, every time they encounter a homo/bi-sexual character in a fictional setting, immediately think, "Aha, here goes a token character". I have always considered this attitude petty, and it assumes that, somehow, by default everyone should be heterosexual, and the only reason one would ever not be heterosexual is due to some ideological notions. In recent Bioware video games, for instance, virtually all romanceable characters have been bisexual, and that is fine: who cares? I, for one, like playing both male and female characters, and all romanceable characters being bisexual gives me plenty of choice. :) It is fiction; anyone can have any sexuality, and their proportional representation does not have to mimic that in the real world.

    There is something to say, however, about placing so much importance on sexualities, races, genders, etc. in certain works of art. Of all characteristics one can have, these are ones to be emphasized? And that goes for both "sides", so to speak. One side constantly emphasizes these characteristics in their products, and the other side constantly makes a fuzz about them. And I am here, on the side, playing these games, watching these movies, reading these books and thinking, "Really, you can find nothing better to talk about than this? Here I thought we were going to discuss the morality of Geralt slaughtering a village of superstitious peasants who made a witch's life a living hell - but, instead, for some reason we are talking about whether there should be black characters in Temeria..."

    These ridiculous discussions will die out when people just stop caring about these things. As it is, one group of people cares about promoting them, and another group of people cares about removing them - and as long as this is the case, "Superman is a bisexual" will keep being a valid headline.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4152 Pts   -  
    I will also add that I have always thought that in fiction anything went. Fiction is fiction, it is literally a fantasy, imaginary worlds that can be different from our world in any way. Furthermore, it is okay for those worlds to feature things that almost no one in the real world considers unacceptable. It is okay for a protagonist of a story to be racist, for instance: it is a fictional character from a fictional story, what do you expect?

    In light of this, the recent comments from R. A. Salvatore really surprised me. He wrote a large series "Legends of Drizzt" set in a fictional universe. There is a race of dark-skinned Elves, called the Drow, who live deep underground and feature an incredibly evil and totalitarian society. So, Salvatore recently deeply apologized before his readers, saying that he thought portraying the Drows this way was racist, and promised to amend this in his future books.
    Now, first of all, it is freaking fiction... "Racist"? This is literally how that fictional world works. Writing facts is not racist.
    But, more so, one of the major themes of these books was how Drizzt, a Drow, escaped the Drow society to the surface, only to find there extreme prejudice against the Drow - and one of his main achievements was to demonstrate to the surfacers through his actions that, in fact, not all Drow were evil. The anti-racist theme was literally central to those books, and yet now Salvatore is apologizing for racism? What?

    He even later commented on the fact that the Drow were black, which he said was problematic in light of the real world history... Icing on a cake.

    I think that fiction artists should have a bit more backbone and not bend to cheap ideologues who seek racism, sexism, transphobia and homophobia everywhere, from Bach's compositions to Harry Potter books. They should stand up and say, "This is fiction. You do not like it - do not read/listen to/watch/play it".
    Conversely, they should also stand up to those who see them including "minority" characters in their stories as them "virtue-signalling" or whatever. It is their story; they are free to do whatever they want with it, and they do not have to explain themselves to anyone.
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