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How long is too long?

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The old expression: TLDR means "too long, didn't read."

I have to admit that sometimes, an argument ( ok, maybe a rant ) is too long and I don't read the whole thing.
I will generally like to read about 2 well worded paragraphs leading to a conclusion.

When I am confronted by a "wall of text", I get bored, my eyes hurt, and I lose interest. That's especially true when there is a Gish Gallop of many different ideas and claims in a rambling, "consciousness streaming" style argument that we usually have in here. But right now, I'm just asking about length. I dont know what the text limit is in words, but lets go by paragraphs.

Rough poll:
How long is too long in paragraphs?
  1. Live Poll

    Over 100 paragraphs is too long

    1 vote
    1. Over 50
    2. Over 20
    3. Over 10
    4. Over 5
    5. Over 2
    6. Over one and be done

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