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Should Puerto Rico become a state?

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Yeah, I just read about a story about a family in P. R. not getting benefits for their elderly parents because P. R. is not a state. A lot of people were saying that it shouldn't be a state, one even said "Who said the law had to be rational?". I personally think P. R. should be a state, since it, essentially, already is a state in all but name.
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    Should Puerto Rico be a state?

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"I will never change who I am just because you do not approve."

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4521 Pts   -  
    The majority of Puerto-Ricans have never supported the statehood, and despite multiple voting events overwhelmingly favored the statehood, only a minority of Puerto-Ricans participated in those votings.

    My impression is that most Puerto-Ricans enjoy the tax haven status the island has, attracting investments and investors. Many American business people choose to reside there, as it is much easier to do business there than anywhere on the continent due to extensive regulations and punishable taxation.

    I would actually consider moving there myself eventually. I probably would not do it if it became a state, like Hawaii, which would bring in regulations and taxes and, given the location of the place, drive prices of everything sky-high. Hawaii is by far the most expensive state to live in today, while Puerto-Rico is arguably the cheapest among those de-facto owned by the US government. Few Puerto-Ricans would want this to change, I would think.
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