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Are Religious Beliefs Extremist?

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When we talk of extremist religious fanatics we usually refer to say, Christians who blow up other Christians with nail bombs or say, Christians who go on rampages gratuitously slaughtering Muslims in African villages almost on a daily bases or even just, say, Christians sodomizing young alter boys. And just not to show any bias, I suppose in recent times we have seen extremist Islamists blowing up anyone, including themselves.  

But, what about the beliefs that religions prescribe? For example, all Christian denominations openly prescribe belief in vilifying minority groups, elitism and hatred against virtually anybody else who doesn't believe what they do? Then, of course, there is the old fashioned sexism and general anti-social behavior that all religious groups have been infamous for.
So, is it not fair to say that anyone who holds a religious belief is extreme by normal, secular, civilised societal standards?

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  • BlastcatBlastcat 362 Pts   -   edited November 18
    Argument Topic: Of course it's not fair

    Swolliw said:

    So, is it not fair to say that anyone who holds a religious belief is extreme by normal, secular, civilised societal standards?

    1. Some people promote hatred against people they don't agree with.
    I find that idea disgusting and can lead and has led to violence.

    2. I say it's unfair to attack people and to mischaracterize their actual beliefs. These are also complete logical failures.  There are extremists in almost every ideology.

    Even on the left. Even non-theists. To deny that is to deny history, and to deny people's humanity.

    3. Therefore, LEST WE FORGET.. if we deny or ignore history, we might be DOOMED to repeat it.
    The Nazis used propaganda against those they hated, and Swolliw is using the same evil tactics. So have many Republicans when they attack people seeking asylum in their country.

    What a shame that such anti-religious, xenophobic bigotry is currently on display on DI.
    Lets not treat people unfairly by such clearly biased and bigoted over-generalizations.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4152 Pts   -  
    Based on the practical usage of this word, "extremism" really just means something that someone strongly disapproves of. In Russia, people called "extremism" such things as the idea of free speech, or the idea of having parliamentary (without a president or other kind of supreme ruler) president, or the idea that Russia is not the greatest country in the world and that it is just one of countless diverse countries and is nothing special... or even the idea that not all Westerners have trouble sleeping at night, because they are trying to figure out a scheme on how to steal the natural resources of mother Russia and how to enslave its population.

    Literally, "extremism" would mean expressing view that are in some way extreme, marginal. Yet what is extreme and what is not is entirely subjective. My idea of a fully decentralized society with no legal monopoly on law can be seen as extreme by many, but to me it is entirely natural; on the opposite end of the spectrum, some people believe that communism or fascism is a desirable system, while in my eyes they are obnoxiously extreme.

    "Extremism" is not a very useful concept.
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