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How Good Would Hitler Have Been?

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As we all (should) know, Hitler is often touted as being one of the meanest SOBs ever to have walked this planet and I fully agree. 

But, let's just unpack (I love these au fait, cliches) and connect the dots over the mystique surrounding the ubiquitous character that was Adolph and peal back the layers of someone who could have impacted the world on a totally different level.

Well, as it stands, if we were to consider the man objectively we would see a well disciplined, well dressed person with a gift for oratory, he didn't smoke, was a strict vegetarian and drank very little; he had an appreciation for the arts, indeed he tried out for choral singing and lived off selling his own art for a time. As a military man, he was highly decorated for bravery, he was passionate about militarism, he was highly ambitious, charismatic and patriotic, he loved his own people. Facts indicate that he was not particularly ani-Semitic at all but simply pandered to the wishes of his people.

But what went wrong? How did this articulate and  driven man go over the edge, so to speak? Power, that's what. It has oft been said that power tends to corrupt and, because there were virtually no checks in place, Adolph pretty much had a free reign in doing what he wanted in order to achieve his goals. He had absolute power, was a dictator and his henchmen feared him. (Now, I'm not suggesting for one minute that he was corrupt in the way of siphoning off funds from the Nazi coffers.) He had the back of the German people who considered Hitler as a father-like figure; they loved him and this bugger was succeeding in pulling Germany out of a humiliating rut (imposed by the ridiculous League of Nations I must add), by reclaiming lost territory (plus a little bit more that he added for good measure) and gave the people jobs (plus heaps of VWs) and a sense of pride once more.

So, if it were not the path of destruction that Hitler took as a political entrepreneur, what could Hitler have been doing instead? Unlike the popular and flippant alternative scenarios some people conjure up of say, Elvis or Jesus flipping hamburgers in a road-stop somewhere along Route 66, I think Ady-baby could have been perhaps a successful art gallery curator or even a conductor of a symphony orchestra. However, if we were to fast forward a tad and juxtapose said dictator into modern times, maybe Hitler would be no more than a pathetic has-been. He would have no avenue to vent his ambitious and nefarious intentions at trying to control others and dictating.
So, perhaps he would get himself a Macbook Pro, go into, say a debate site and give himself a ridiculous anonymous avatar name like, awww say, B******t, and try to dominate and command control over everyone else, then impose dictatorial rules that everyone must follow in order to achieve his evil goals. Could this be an ominous warning?   

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