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How Do Debaters Cheat?

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Honest Chess Player: Check.

Dishonest Chess Player: What do you mean? Define "check". (Questioning the validity of the word and a delaying tactic)

Honest Chess Player: You are in check, it's your move. 

Dishonest Chess Player: Hey, what's that standing behind you? (Dirty delaying tactic)

Honest Chess Player: You are still in check, are you going to move?

Dishonest Chess Player: You're just a sleazy hater of blacks (chess pieces) which is why you made that move. (Contrived personal attack)

Honest Chess Player: That's enough. Either make a move or concede.

Dishonest Chess Player: Aaaaaaaah Choooooo! ("Accidentally" knocks all the pieces off the board whilst "accidentally" sneezing)

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4155 Pts   -  
    That is why it helps having platforms with objective rules built in. On, you cannot break the rules of the game: the system will not let you. You can cry all you want when losing, and you can even resort to dirty tactics such as quitting in the middle of a 30-minute game, causing your opponent to waste a lot of time. But, in the end, you are going to lose, and that loss will be recorded for everybody to see.
    You can cheat with an engine, but decent players easily recognize when this happens, and has a very advanced engine use detection system - you will not get away with this for more than several games, after which you will be permabanned.

    There is no such system on this website, or in the world of debates in general, which allows some people to talk nonsense without any repercussions. One can always convince themselves that they are right and build their rationalization system in a way that makes this claim unfalsifiable.

    Personally, I just decide for myself what arguments (including mine) are reasonable and what are not. If the person is being unreasonable, I point it out. If the person is being unreasonable repeatedly, I stop conversing with them. Works out much better than trying to "win" a game in which the rules are set up by your opponent and can be changed at any moment at the opponent's will.
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