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Isn’t it Just Like Religion?

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Today we heard the tragic news of illegal immigrants drowning in the English Channel. Next thing you know, the do goody good moralists point the finger at people smugglers who make money by squeezing the hapless victims into small unseaworthy boats.

Or, are they hapless victims? If it weren’t for stu-pid naive, queue jumpers then surely we wouldn’t get the ruthless charlatans to take advantage of them. These so called “victims “ knew what they were doing and they were not coerced.

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4152 Pts   -  
    Well, you could apply this reasoning to anything. Someone put their money into a bank account, and next day the bank owner appropriated all the money and closed your account with no explanation. I call them a victim of financial fraud, and you respond with, "They should not have been so naive and handed their money over to charlatans".

    In some absolute sense, there are no victims, as absolutely every situation one can find themselves in is necessarily a product of their choices. Yet it is helpful to think of people as victims in certain cases so the line between the offender and the offended can be drawn. Without this line human interaction falls apart very quickly.

    I personally think of people as victims only in cases when their rights have been clearly violated. Someone is not a victim for digging themselves into a financial hole through a series of bad investments - but someone is a victim for signing a contract with someone and them then violating this contract.
    It is trickier with the illegal immigrant smugglers, as, clearly, no one signs any contracts there. I do not know whether I would call them victims here exactly.
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