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Is the world's nuclear/radioactive material properly secured, or will there be a nuclear accident?

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On April 26th, in 1986, a Ukrainian nuclear power plant ran a safety test on one of its reactors. Nobody passed the test that day, it caused a meltdown in the reactor, which in turn released radioactive material into the environment. Because of the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, the nearby city of Pripyat was evacuated permanently and all of its residents ordered to leave and never return. This was caused by a safety test?!?!?!

Chernobyl was governed by a Soviet nuclear committee, and after the Soviet Union restricted ALL media within the Soviet Union for six days after the disaster, the world wondered how the Soviets could be trusted with nuclear weapons (everybody figured out what happened despite the media silence). This event was just one of the myriad of causes that eventually led to the breakup of the Soviet Union. After the Soviet union collapsed, there were many former Soviet countries that no longer had the means to properly secure their radioactive waste material and could have potentially created a horrific radioactive disaster, or a horrific weapon for potential terrorists. 

We can pretend the problem here was caused by the negligence of the Soviet Union, but this is being written in a time when there hasn't been a globally changing radioactive disaster or terrorist incident, Yet? Who's to say every other country with nuclear capabilities will always get it right? The Fukashima nuclear disaster wasn't even caused by negligence, it was caused by a natural disaster that stemmed from a large earthquake that caused a tsunami. Most of the worlds nuclear power plants are by the ocean.

Harvard university once did a study of unclassified documents in the US and concluded that it would be daft to not expect a radioactive, or even nuclear terrorist attack on US soil because there are just too many global entities that are trying to do just that. 

You can say that it's sad and scary, but it will never change, we're stuck with nuclear capabilities, but then you are no less a part of the problem. If we as a global non-governmental citizenry ALL DEMANDED the immediate banning and dismantling of all nuclear technologies, we could be a mighty force to try and neutralize. Or are you willing to live in a world where the threat of a globally impacting nuclear disaster could happen by something as easy as a safety test?                    
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