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Should godists prove god doesn’t doesn’t exist?

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Because they are always telling atheists to prove that god doesn’t exist so in that case they must be able to prove that god doesn’t doesn’t exist.

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  • SwolliwSwolliw 1328 Pts   -  
    Geeziz bleeding Kerrist, you do seem to get your Calvin Kleins in a twist.

    I agree that it is bad enough that many theists ask the absurd question "Prove that God does not exist", but throwing a double negative at them like that is not only going to get their Calvins in a knot but they will be wearing them upside down and inside out as well.

    It is nothing more than a ruse to divert from the conversation as to the existence of God. They simply do not wish to have such a debate since they know that they are defeated before they even leave the pad.

    From experience in this and other debate sites over the years I have noticed a distinct quietness from the other side of the reality fence in that theists no longer tend to say, "There is a God" for the very reason that they will be caught out. And in fact, given the age of enlightenment and knowledge we now live in I think it commonplace for theists to keep quiet about their nutty beliefs.
    I mean, how would you feel if every time you walk past the water cooler at work, your colleagues gathered around it suddenly fall silent and stare at the ceiling until you have well and truly gone past them?
    So, if you are still are prone to feelings of spiritualness and having "experiences", it is best to keep it to yourself and for God's sake, seek some professional help.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4244 Pts   -  
    We can go on a higher metalevel and require that anyone invoking the request to prove something first proves that the concept of proof itself exists, in the sense that it is not self-contradictory. This puts us in quite a predicament, as we run into the (possibly unsolvable) problem of using logic to justify use of logic.
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