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What kind of learner are you?

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Some of you might be familiar with different learning styles of which one of these you might find yourself ascribing to as it helps you learn best in that way. So, what are the different learning styles out there? Well, they are known as audio, visual, and kinesthetic. Now, I think you can guess what audio and visual learning are all about right? If you are not sure about kinesthetic this is where you take a more hand's approach and this is where you learn best if that is more your learning style. https://engage-education.com/aus/blog/kinesthetic-learner-characteristics-what-are-they/. ;

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Over to you. How do you learn best?

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  • SwolliwSwolliw 1442 Pts   -  
    Interesting concept but that's all it is, a concept, and a wishy washy one at that.

    This is all a part of the controversial (and totally idi-otic) NLP crapola and a few years ago our company employed a so called NLP trainer for the sales and marketing team. After one session the trainer ended up walking out of the building with her tail between her legs. What she waffled on about in half a day takes anyone with half a brain to work out in half a second.....we see, we hear, we feel and our body uses those senses to make decisions and judgements......there you go, half a second. 
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