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Shall We Debunk Some Religious Myths?

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Us humans are a conditioned species in that we seem to be creatures of habit. As a result, we develop urban myths which never seem to go away, in fact, some urban myths become more and more widespread, thus more accepted.

For example, for centuries it was believed that going out in the cold or not keeping warm would give you a "cold". Then there is the one about crocodiles in the New York sewers.
Colds (viral or bacterial infections) have absolutely nothing to do with coldness and there has not been one crocodile found in any sewer.

So, how do the oldest and most common religious myths stack up?

Following is a just a sample of popular religious misconceptions, the list is endless but feel free to add to it.

1) God exists: the most common myth of all time. There is no evidence whatsoever as to the existence of God or any other spiritual being. And, countering with "Prove God doesn't exist" has nothing to do with the discussion.

2) Something had to create such complexity as human life: If "something" created life (and the universe) that something would have to be even more complex and by the same argument would itself have been created. In any case, the irrefutable fact of evolution has completely overturned any possibility of creation.

3) So many people can't be wrong about saying God is real: So many people still believe in witches and fairies but that still doesn't make them real, nor does any number of people believing there is a God, make God real.

4) What about all the miracles that have happened: Again these so called "miracles" are mere urban myths and not one account of a miracle happening has ever been confirmed to be true.

5) I still believe that we have a conscience or a soul that will always live: And that's all it is, a belief. There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that we have a mind, consciousness or a soul any more than there is actually a "mother nature". These are merely metaphors that have been used so widely that they become accepted as real rather than what they are, functions of the brain.

6) The Bible is the word of God: Somebody comes out with a bit of comfortable-sounding rhetoric and countless run with it and take the words literally. The Bible is a very vague collection of scriptures written by some 40 different people, none of whom happen to be any of whom the Bible's books are named after. Furthermore, these scriptures were written over a period of 1300 years well over 2000 years ago. They weren't even unearthed until some hundreds of years later and not one account in the Bible can be verified, save for a few historical accounts. If you think hyperbole and exaggerated tales are rife in today's media, the novelty of the written word in those days was well and truly exploited.

Once more, these are just a token few myths, if you have any to add, please do so. Similarly, if you wish to query anything about so-called "religious truths" just fire away and I will be happy to set the record straight.

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  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    What about Noah and the arc. How could all that baloney happen and it is only a kid story anyway.@Swolliw
  • @Swolliw
    Number one on your list is wrong the religious myth is God is only a religion. The Idea of proving god exists is on a patent-pending type method of verification. To prove God exists you must be able to describe clearly how to assemble the process of God so that others can clearly do similar with identical results. This has been done. Proof in the matter of God is described by legal precedent and God is not a crime so proof which might be collected as a form of trial is not relevant to the confirmation of God's existence or not.

    Here is a literal clue as well. We are to beware of the false profit of God which as an axiom of logic is displayed in that G, O, and D as numbers which are written as letters has two possible values 911 and 89 one follows a structure of logic the other requires no logic and presumes a simpler outcome.
  • @Swolliw
    I would love to hear any argument of debate from you on # 6 as a numerical axiom of GOD not describing all written words let alone the Bible itself as not being the creation of numerical translation of word.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4521 Pts   -   edited January 18
    To me, human life does not even look that complex, compared to what is possible in principle. The Universe is a big place, with a large diversity of environments in which complex self-replicating structures can arise. It is not a stretch to imagine that there are sentient dust clouds out there, or strongly decentralized creatures whose sparse bodies span entire galaxies, or intelligent oceans... Mammals like humans, in comparison, feature a very primitive and inefficient structure, one that will probably be surpassed by creations of those very humans in just a few decades. Humans are full of redundant organs, use very crude ways to supply themselves with energy and to dispose of waste, and are prone to dying to the most minor interventions into their bodies; many tiny bacteria can utterly devastate a human organism, while leaving everything else intact.

    A creator that allegedly has made the whole Universe from scratch surely must have been under the influence of some heavy substances when engineering human organism. :)
  • SwolliwSwolliw 1410 Pts   -  
    A creator that allegedly has made the whole Universe from scratch surely must have been under the influence of some heavy substances when engineering human organism. 

    Maybe, at the time, you know, like six thousand years ago, God picked up some infected clay when he started making life forms. And making those blacks was a problem ("Oh Geez, I burnt another one") So, yes, he was probably in quite a mood slogging away so hard over those six days and also take into account that they may have just changed his medication.

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