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SWIFT was the only Nuclear Option Used by West?

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Since the beginning of the Ukraine Russia crisis, the West warned Putin about the ban of SWIFT. Media also shared its cons again and again, and even authorities were calling it a financial nuclear option of the West against Russia. You can also see this article https://financialpost.com/news/why-swift-is-the-financial-nuclear-option-when-it-comes-to-punishing-putin in this regard. And finally, they opposed the SWIFT ban but did you see any difference in the behaviour of Putin? Honestly, I don't see any change in his aggressive behaviour. Undoubtedly, the SWIFT payment system is very important to make international payments. Now, the nation is suffering a lot and can't receive international payments, but what is next now?

Although Nato countries are focusing on arming Ukraine but what will happen if this war prolongs. We can't compare it with Afghanistan and other countries because, in recent times, we didn't see any issue like this. How long will Ukrainians resist? Secondly, I think western media also overhyped the comedian turned politician president of the country. He could be good at public stunts, but I don't see any significant strategy from him. So, what could be the next option of the West? 

Adding Ukraine to Nato will be disastrous. It is against the concept of buff state. What other options could be practiced here? 

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