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Should the US offer military defense services for hire?

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 The US has successfully taken down two intercontinental ballistic missiles in testing. Some analysts believe that one of the reasons Russia invaded Ukraine is because the US now has this capability (I'm not so sure about that though). China and Russia have both accused the US of undermining their nuclear capabilities with this new technology. I propose the US develope this military technology and install the apparatuses that facilitate the capability to take down intercontinental ballistic missiles in Eastern European countries, but at a price. 

Beyond that, the US could install nuclear power plants and alternative energy sources to rid these countries of their reliance on foreign oil (specifically Russian oil). I bet Taiwan would be willing to pay a good price for US defensive services. Poland would love this idea. 

I wonder if it would be a good idea for the US to develop defensive military technologies and sell them to foreign countries who would be willing to pay for it. Even with nuclear weapons India feels threatened by China. I propose the US only sell defensive technologies to these countries instead of offensive technologies. We could even begin a military cybertech service for these countries. There certainly is a market for this service, and our economy is a service based economy now, so it would be cutting-edge.  It seems like a good way to help ease, or even eliminate the national debt (you know, that thing that nobody talks about anymore).           
Your thoughts?

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  • @piloteer

    How much self-evident truth can you handle about this topic?

    How many missiles have been tested flying through an atomic explosion?

  • piloteerpiloteer 1512 Pts   -   edited April 4

    Not sure, but how many ICBMs themselves have been flown through an atomic explosion? The US has taken the first step in creating the technology for an international defense against a nuclear attack. The goal would be to ensure that any country considered a nuclear threat would most certainly only destroy their own country if they ever did launch a nuclear attack. If a missile that is intended to destroy a nuclear missile in the air is also destroyed itself by the explosion of another nuclear missile that was destroyed, then any missile would be destroyed in that circumstance, including other nuclear missiles.        
  • @piloteer

    Do you know why the cold war died?

  • A Nuclear War will be a Chemical War no matter the number that was given to it truth or lie. I say, along with a few other it could be World War IX not III. But them this is all by people who cannot see GOD as a self-evident truth being a numerical axiom made with letter not numbers....

  • piloteerpiloteer 1512 Pts   -  
    John_C_87 said:

    Do you know why the cold war died?

    The cold war did not ever end. 
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