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Are we gonna just WATCH the genocide in Ukraine??

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The Ukrainian war is NOT a war.  It's a flat out genocide, and we're on the sidelines..  There is a 50 mile long line of Russian weapons on the way that'll WIPE out the remaining Ukrainians.

Are we gonna just watch?


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  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    That’s a good question because if you work a lot then it makes a big difference. I am doing a lot of extra shifts lately and when I get home I just don’t have time to watch that stuff because after I watch the Seinfield repeats I just fall asleep on the couch and even the TV goes into sleep mode after a while. @excon
  • DeeDee 4708 Pts   -   edited April 13

                     Are we gonna just WATCH the genocide in Ukraine??

    We do it with ever other genocide this one is going to be no different. Some estimates say 2 million people died of starvation in North Korea we did nothing , we allow countries like North Korea keep a whole nation imprisoned ,  we watch millions of children die yearly from hunger and do little or nothing , we watch as America along with it the allies have dropped 334,000 missiles in 20 years on fellow humans who live in third world countries and call the deaths “justified” and “collateral damage “

    What Putin is doing is vile what the US and it allies have done and inflicted on others is vile , humans are totally destructive and irrational beings intent on destroying each other by playing these ridiculous war games  to bolster the ego of the cretins we the people put in positions of power 

    Humans are insane and pretend to care about these things but don’t really , they only care about what others deem genocide or “morally wrong “ and they jump on the latest most popular opinions of those they deem “morally right” 

    To clearly demonstrate how utterly insane people are when it comes to ideas of , justice , equality and basic decency take the fact that the world has yet another centillionaire that’s a person who has 100 biliion or more , Elon Mush has 274 billion yet I’m arguing on this site with Americans who think it’s vile that a working man or woman should have a right to a minimun wage , these same people think it’s only just and fair that people like Musk pay them as little as he deems just 

    Your main point I totally get and it’s laudable but I bet it’s same ole , same ole response from the so called “free world “ yet again 

  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    Well what I heard is that America doesn’t want to know about genocide because look what we did about Rawanda and the Balkins like stuff all before it was to late. And what I found was that America passed some laws about what is called a genocide because we got sensitive about Viet nam and all the genocide we did there. So apart from sending bombs and guns over there the US is not going to do stuff all about genocide.@Dee
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