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guilty or not guilty? Cain Velazquez v. Goularte

Debate Information

UFC ex heavyweight champion Cain Velazquez to face trial on attempted murder charges for allegedly taking the law into his own hands after a registered sex offender was released from jail and back into the child care where he molested a child related to Cain Velazquez. Cain unloaded live fgun fire at Goularte leading to his arrest. Goularte remains free on bail and Cain Velazquez arrested waiting to stand trial. Is Cain Velazquez guilty or not guilty?.

The law is the law and no way around this one for Cain which I expect he will get a minimum 20 year sentence maybe reduced to 10 years for his unlawful actions. 

I certainly do not see Cain Velazquez getting out of this one with all the help he can get. I do however have a radical opinion that might work in another type of case but not applicable in this. Cain Velazquez acted on his own behalf to take revenge into his own hands with disregard of the law and public safety. Certainly guilty of that. However, Cain Velazquez sole action to take justice upon his own hands was a result of a failed legal system that should have been able and prevented it.

Could Cain Velazquez walk free on defense testimony claiming his actions were a result of a negligent state or due to negligence from the government. The judicial systems negligence caused Cain Velazquez to act inappropriately and if the legal system would have not failed and do its job correctly mr Velazquez would be whatever Cain Belazque would be doing at that time of day.

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