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Liberalism v. Conservatism - Comparison/Contrast?

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Liberalism is a mental disease of demonic deception...a facade of philanthropy absent knowledge or intelligence or wisdom or discernment...Liberalism is a bastion of mental illness, abortion-murder, narcissism, WOKENESS, sexual perversion, Marxism-Progressivism where an overwhelming majority of these mental midgets would be interned in insane asylums if not for the unfortunate consequences of the 1963 Mental Health Act. Liberalism-Marxism in America is primarily the resultant of John Dewey, Darwin, the GRU-KGB, elitist perverts frothing for power and control over the masses...liberalism is comprised of Marxist puppets, the ignorant and naive proletariat who unwittingly subject themselves to the perverted narcissism of societal elites i.e. the bourgeoisie...these liberal puppets are mostly comprised of Millennial's and Gen-Z brainwashed men and women who have been subjected to years of Darwinism i.e. atheism and Marxism in our schools and institutions of "Higher" learning.

Right wingers?

There are mentally ill fringes in conservatism as well but for the most part, those who internalize a conservative worldview honor God, a Christian Nation, the law of the land, limited-non intrusive government, fairness, "equality" NOT equity, a free market, entrepreneurship, clean-safe neighborhoods, opportunities for all irrespective of color, race, creed, religion...most conservatives want a Biblical family...a mom-dad-children living in community, a home, property, in peace and respect and honor and loving their neighbor. 

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  • DeeDee 4708 Pts   -  
    Says Ricky who thinks Jesus would carry a gun and Trump was a “wonderful Christian “…….

    Ricky thinks Jesus was and is  a Republican ……..

  • RickeyDRickeyD 901 Pts   -   edited April 23
    @Dee ; Trump and Reagan are the two-greatest Presidents in my lifetime...I hope my favorite President wins in 24, Trump .. Make America Great Again. Jesus, knowing the World and the persecution that was coming, warned His Disciples to buy a sword so I carry a 9mm modern day sword.

  • DeeDee 4708 Pts   -  

     Trump and Reagan are the two-greatest Presidents in my lifetime...I hope my favorite President wins in 24, Trump .

    Well it’s obvious you would like Epstein and Prince Andrews best buddy all you guys have one thing in common “ you like them young “as your hero Trump said …..

    Ricky’s hero’s are child molesters WOW ! No wonder you carry a gun to protect yourself from enraged parents 

    President Donald Trump greets Prince Andrew at Westminster Abbey in London on June 3, 2019. Chris Jackson/Getty Images

    In December, Trump denied knowing Prince Andrew, the son of Queen Elizabeth II, after the duke became entangled in sexual abuse accusations against Jeffrey Epstein.

    "I don't know him, no," the president told reporters in London.

    But a collection of photos of the two from the last 20 years proves otherwise. And an interview with People from 2000 shows Trump describing Andrew as "a lot of fun to be with."

    Trump on Epstein “He’s a terrific guy , a fun guy and like me he likes his women young “ 

    . Make America Great Again. Jesus, knowing the World and the persecution that was coming, warned His Disciples to buy a sword

    You never even read the whole chapter you dishonest pedo …….you never even read a Bible you du-mb f-uck

    He said to them, “But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don’t have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. It is written: ‘And he was numbered with the transgressors’; and I tell you that this must be fulfilled in me. Yes, what is written about me is reaching its fulfillment.” The disciples said, “See, Lord, here are two swords.” “That’s enough!” he replied.

    — Gospel of Luke 22:36-38, NIV

    Ellul, Yoder and Archie Penner claim that two swords could not possibly have been "enough" to defend Jesus from his pending arrest, trial and execution, so their sole purpose must have been Jesus' wish to fulfill a prophecy (Isaiah 53:9-12).[2] As Ellul explains:

    The further comment of Jesus explains in part the surprising statement, for he says: "It is necessary that the prophecy be fulfilled according to which I would be put in the ranks of criminals" (Luke 22:36-37). The idea of fighting with just two swords is ridiculous. The swords are enough, however, to justify the accusation that Jesus is the head of a band of brigands. We have to note here that Jesus is consciously fulfilling prophecy. If he were not the saying would make no sense.[3]

    This theory is further substantiated by Peter when Peter draws one of the swords a few hours later at Jesus' arrest in the Garden of Gethsemane, slashing the ear of Malchus, one of the priests' servants, and Jesus rebukes him saying: "Put up again thy sword into his place: for all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword."(Matthew 26:52)[2]

     so I carry a 9mm modern day sword. 

    Yes of course you do you live in a majority Christian nation where carrying a gun is necessary to feel sate says it all really 
  • RickeyDRickeyD 901 Pts   -  
    @Dee ; Trump was never on Epstein Island like Obama and Big Mike (Michelle) and the Clinton's and most liberal democrat icons. Trump is a good man...he was and will be an excellent President...I admire the guy and his courage to stand against the fascism of the Marxist Left in America.

  • DeeDee 4708 Pts   -  

    Trump was a best friend of Epstein says it all about you that you actually defend a sc-umbag  like Trump who said "Jeffrey likes his women young like me"

    You like him are sc-um you abusers sure do look after your own
  • RickeyDRickeyD 901 Pts   -  
    @Dee ; Trump denied Epstein access and had nothing to do with him once his escapades were uncovered, unlike you buddy Obama and Clinton...shameful.

    God Bless President Trump,

  • DeeDee 4708 Pts   -   edited April 24

    ; Trump denied Epstein access and had nothing to do with him once his escapades were uncovered,

    Trump was part of his escapades Trump said “Me and Jeffery like our women young “ 

    unlike you buddy Obama and Clinton...shameful. 

    “My buddy “ I couldn’t stand Obama or Clinton I’m not part of your ridiculous country  or politics where you cannot find  one decent person to represent you 

    God Bless President Trump, 
     You mean ex president he got his a-ss canned ….. LOL 
    Well your Republican god will where he makes saints of pedos and where his son would carry a gun according to you 

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