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What Does "Being Saved" Really Mean?

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How Are Christians Saved @JulesKorngold
I think it is a totally ludicrous idea that people will be "saved" simply by believing a particular God exists, let alone having the sheer stu-pidity to believe such nonsense in the first place.

And, saved from what?.....the, doom and gloom in the form of brutal, sadistic, violent, physical torture for eternity.

And it is both vulgar and obscene to promote such a morbid pretext by instilling it into the minds of those who are naive, gullible, weak and impressionable just so the preachers of such rubbish can fill more seats in their brain-washing clinics (churches) and keep their jobs.

Other organisations offer free games tickets or ice creams to get people to join but, oh no, not the Christians. They prefer to use the primitive, draconian, barbaric, deceitful tactics of threatening thorough fear and guilt to get their numbers up.

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