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White is better right

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When your doing your shopping at the meat market what do you look for when you want the best. It’s always white meat like chicken and not every one knows this but when you look at the legs they are dark meat because when the chicken runs around it exercises a lot which is why the meat is dark there but the breast is always white. So we also have sea food like lobsters they are white so that is real high class stuff but when we get meat like bull meat it is really brown because people get fooled because they put chemicals in the meat to make it look red.

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  • piloteerpiloteer 1511 Pts   -  

    White is dry and bland. Dark meat is where it's at. You always have to do something, or put something on white meat for it to be edible, like breading or BBQ sauce, or even salt and pepper. Dark meat is best without any of those things. Good by itself. You just got owned!!!    
  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    Well yo got to remember that you can make heaps of things with chicken breasts like chicken Kiev but I reckon that won’t last vey long because soon they will call it chicken Moscow lol. But then there is chicken nuggets and cordon blue I know this because where I work we knock off thousands of chickens and we used to do Mary land but all the chemicals started making a mess and smelling out the factory. But you tell me what you can make with cattle breasts I bet it wouldn’t be very good any way. @piloteer
  • piloteerpiloteer 1511 Pts   -   edited May 12

    Where I come from, a true barbeque means slow cooking for longer periods of time. Perhaps several hours sometimes. How well do you really think a chicken breast would do using that method? Terribly!! It would be dried out to the point of being inedible. But the dark meat can still hang with the big boys when it comes to barbecuing. 

    Authentic Mexican tacos and enchiladas are better with dark meat. The skin on the dark meat gets crisper than white meat, so for best results, you'll want to use dark meat when making cracklin chicken. Dark chicken is a must with chicken cacciatore. But really, as long as you don't need a chicken patty in your dish, dark chicken can be used in anything else white chicken is used in. 
    Beef and pork are pretty much mostly dark meat, so anything that you can think of that involves beef or pork is inherently dark meat to begin with. There are ribs and meatballs and a myriad steaks. Most every dish where the meat is put into something, like tacos or stir-fry, obviously the top choice for those dishes is beef, and for a good reason. 

    If you are on some kind of diet, obviously white meat is a better choice, but if you're gonna go that route, why wouldn't you just choose fish instead of chicken breasts? Dark meats are often easier to prepare than white meats (unless you're uncivilized and have no problem biting into a chicken vein or tendon in your chicken parmesan). And bacon is dark meat, so...............I automatically win the entire debate. OWNED!!!! 

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4521 Pts   -  
    If you have ever cooked raw lobsters, then you know that they turn red naturally. In addition, my favorite meat (and also one of the healthiest meats on the planet), salmon, is naturally red.

    The claim that white meat is objectively better than red meat appears dubious to me.
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