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Does Christmas or Easter Have anything to do with Christ?

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What does Christmas have to do with Christ?  The same with Easter. What does Easter have to do with Christ?

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  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    Well in real terms they have nothing to do with Christ because when you think about it it never said anything about Jesus eating Easter eggs in the Bible and it didn’t say anything about having Christmas dinner in the Bible either so I think that the Bible got it very wrong. @pamelajohnson1
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    No, the bible didn't get it wrong.  Christmas is not in the bible.  The devil came up with Christmas.  Santa Clause has nothing to do with Jesus.  They put Jesus in with a Santa clause.  Saying that it is his birthday.@Barnardot
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    And as for Easter.  A rabbit, and eggs.  That has to do with a fertility God.@Barnardot
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -   edited May 12
    @pamelajohnson1 ; Christmas has been set-aside by Christians to honor the birth of our Savior into a lost and dying world as He came to redeem us from our sin and create for Himself a Holy and peculiar people for His eschatological purposes.

    Easter is the Christian's celebration of the Exodus Passover fulfilled. Jews honor the Exodus Passover while Christians honor what the Exodus Passover foreshadowed e.g. the blood on the door posts sheltering those within from the death angel in Exodus and the Messiah's innocent blood on the wooden cross providing victory over the Evil One who is the father of death, Hell, the grave. Just as Jacob's children honored the Father by faith in painting the blood upon the door posts to protect those within the home by faith; Jesus' blood protects through redemption, the forgiveness of sin, everyone who believes in Him as Messiah by faith (Matthew 26:28).

    As Christians redeemed from sin and the futility of condemnation through law (Romans 6:14), we are free to honor any day we choose when we seek to honor our Lord and glorify Him as the focus of our efforts and NO ONE has the right to condemn the Christian for this freedom (Colossians 2:16; Romans 14).

  • dallased25dallased25 171 Pts   -  
    Nothing except that these were pagan holiday's that christianity absorbed and invented false storylines around to justify it. Christmas is almost entirely pagan in origin, literally everything from the trees, to the holly, the mistletoe, the gift giving. This is mainly due to Constantine absorbing Saturnalia and the Winter Solstice celebrations so as not to upset the mob. Eventually christian leaders declared that this was Jesus's birthday, despite zero evidence of this in scripture or otherwise. Same goes with Easter. Just another "rebirth" holiday celebrated by pagans, hence the bunny, the eggs, the "hunt"...all pagan. Both are holidays that were celebrated in some form or another long before christians came along and absorbed it into their own made up history. Truth is, both of those holiday's are entirely symbolic within christian "history", yet are entirely made up and placed firmly over the top of other pagan celebrations. But make no mistake....besides christians saying that these holidays are about Jesus, within the traditions of the holiday's themselves and the origins, there's nothing christian about them. 
  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    Yeah sure god was a fertility god because he came down and rapped an innocent virgin lady so he could have a bas tad son. He was fertile all right. @pamelajohnson1
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @Barnardot ; There was no intercourse between the Holy Spirit and Mary but Jesus was born of a virgin seed in order to circumvent the sin-nature that curses our genome as a result of our father Adam's rejection of Elohim's sovereignty. Jesus was born void a sin-nature and therefore lived and died in sinless perfection for YOU and offers you life in eternity through the forgiveness of sin by faith in Jesus as your Lord. If you perish in the religion of atheism, you will perish in the "second death" in Hell.

  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    When the believers enter into God's rest, every day is Holy.  The devil distorted Christmas.  It really has nothing to do with Christ.   Jeremiah 10: 2-4, 2 Thus saith the Lord, Learn not the way of the heathen, and be not dismayed at the signs of heaven; for the heathen are dismayed at them.

    3 For the customs of the people are vain: for one cutteth a tree out of the forest, the work of the hands of the workman, with the axe.4 They deck it with silver and with gold; they fasten it with nails and with hammers, that it move not.

    If you want to give someone a gift, give it anytime.  You don't need to wait until a special day.

    The used the word Christ and added mas to it.

    As for Easter,

     Some historians believe Easter eggs came from Anglo-Saxon festivals in the spring to celebrate pagan goddess Eostre. The goddess, who may be the namesake of Easter, represented the dawn in spring, and eggs were buried and eaten during the festival. Eggs are believed to be a symbol of fertility and the rebirth of nature after the dead of winter.

    The devil pervert everything that has to do with Jesus.  By celebrating Easter, you are also celebrating the fertility God. The rabbit and eggs represent fertility.  

    Just like Halloween.  You can call it trunk or treat or what ever you want.  You are still celebrating the devil, and cursing your children.  

    Everything is found in Gods rest.  You don't have to do anything else except worship God. Give gifts when you want too.  Eat eggs when you want too, just don't celebrate on days that the devil has set apart for himself.  

    You may think that it is innocent, but it's not. Very serious.


  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; The devil only distorts that which you allow to be distorted by a lack of faith in the Father's love, the Son's integrity, the Spirit wisdom.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    You are so right.@dallased25
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    The devil is clever. He gets people to worship him, and they don't even realize that they are.  He got people to use the devil horns, by watching spider man, and also Michel Jackson.  Michael Jackson did it on purpose, that's why he became so famous.  The devil granted him wishes. You'll find him in hell today. He sold his soul.  @RickeyD
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; No human being is interned in Hell today...Hell becomes relevant subsequent the Great White Throne Judgment manifesting subsequent Messiah's Millennial Reign. Stating that someone is in Hell today based on your opinion of them via the media is not wise...we don't know what Jackson's relationship with the Lord might have been in those final years.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    I know very well that he was giving the devil horns.  The devil has succeeded in making people believe that he doesn't exist.  Demons are everywhere looking for open doors in people to enter into their lives. Demons attach themselves to object in order to taken into people's homes. Their many who are famous who are headed to hell.  Hell is a domain by the way.  Death is a spirit.  In revelation it says that there is a rider on the grey horse:
    Rev. 6:8,8 And I saw a grey horse, and the name of him who was seated on it was Death; and Hell came after him. And there was given to them authority over the fourth part of the earth, to put to destruction by the sword, and by taking away their food, and by death, and by the beasts of the earth. 
    These things are very real; there is a war going on.  The whole world has been deceived. People don't even know what is happening.  In the time of Noah, they saw the evil, but the devil studied people and learn to hide it.

    Daniel 10:13,   13 But the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me twenty-one days; and behold, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me, for I had been left alone there with the kings of Persia.

    The prince of Persia is the demon over that region.  He wouldn't let Gabriel pass through to bring Daniel the message from God.

    This is coming through the second heaven, which is Satan's domain.  Then Gabriel was left there with the kings of Persia.  So there are kings in the second heaven. Make no mistake, there is a war and we are right in the middle of it. @RickeyD

  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; There is a cosmic war of unfathomable proportions being waged around us but choosing to honor Christmas and Easter to glorify our Lord is not fodder for the Devil but food for the Gospel as these "holidays" turn peoples attention to the Lord when most would never give Him a second thought.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Christians do not want to give up Christmas or Easter no matter what anyone says. No one is going to spoil their fun.  They put a Christmas tree in the Church next to a manger.  Even if it means putting it before Christ.  He said put nothing before him.  You have to share him with a Santa clause on Christmas and share him with an Easter bunny on Easter.  The churches give an Easter egg hunt for the children. It similar to the Catholics having a Eucharist and call it Jesus. The whole world is deceived. 
    Colossians 2:20, 20 Wherefore if ye be dead with Christ from the rudiments of the world, why, as though living in the world, are ye subject to ordinances,
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; Christians don't have to give up Christmas or Easter...they have the right to celebrate our Lord's birth and the Passover when they honor our Lord from the heart...and you have no right to judge them or condemn them for that freedom.

  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    They don't really even know when Jesus was really born.  Christmas started with the catholic Church.

    The first recorded incidence of Christmas being celebrated actually dates all the way back to the Roman Empire in 336, during the time of the Roman Emperor Constantine – so technically the Romans invented it, although there’s no specific person who is credited with having done so.
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; Simply because we don't know the date of Messiah's birth does not negate or right or privilege to honor a day in His Name.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Just because you call a church the house of God, don't make it so.  People have a right to celebrate and worship as they want, but for me, I live Christ.  Christ is a way of life. So, there is no need to celebrate his birth.  I celebrate him daily.  All the time.  24-7.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    The whole world has been deceived.  Those who are Christians and those who are not Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter.
    Romans 12:2, 2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.
    That verse means to renew our minds back to where it was before Adam sinned.@RickeyD
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -   edited May 14
    @pamelajohnson1 ; No one is deceived concerning Christmas or Easter and no one is harmed and our Lord is glorified. You concern yourself with irrelevancy and nonsense while you stumble over substance and that which is make yourself the problem as opposed to honoring our Lord before the demons in this forum.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    I tell you the devil know the bible better than you and I.  Some of the atheist know the bible better than you and I.  They have been turned away from God because of what they read.  They are understanding it through their carnal minds. The bible is a spiritual book You must have the Holy Spirit to help you understand.  Do you know the reason they killed Jesus?  By him saying that he was the son of God, people may understand that there is a heavenly place, and this world is just a place of refining.   Distance yourself from the ways of this world, be in it but not of it.  Celebrate Christmas and Easter, as you will.  It is one of those traditions. Christ was thrown in it, because the devil perverts everything of God. He wants to be worshipped, by any means necessary.  Did you come on this site because of the atheist?  I had no idea that atheist was on this site, I just came on to debate.  If you are trying to bring them to Christ, you are wasting your time.  You have to have faith in what you cannot see.  And they have made it very clear that they don't.
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 Again, you debate virtue signal a religion you believe is true but you have no faith and very little understanding of what is relevant.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Can you explain that? I have no idea what you mean.  I have no faith?  In God? What are you talking about. Explain please.
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; You come on this forum seeking dissension over irrelevant matters in the presence of Satan's don't seek truth, you seek recognition by darkness, yes? 
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    I am about truth.  The truth hurts. The teachings today are not the teachings that started out at Antioch in the book of acts.  There are different teachings in the churches today. The teachings should be the same. Everyone should be following the same spirit.  The Holy Spirit.

    1Peter 3;8 Finally, all of you be of one mind, having compassion for one another; love as brothers, be tenderhearted,;

    They are not of the same spirit.
    You say that I seek recognition by darkness? The pharisee told Jesus that he cast out demons by Beelzebul,
    I will be shut down by most Christian's because their understanding is just like yours. You can't understand the spiritual.

  • @pamelajohnson1

    Once a Holiday is declared as a national holiday in America the separation of church and state is then connected to the events. Some people simply cannot let go of the need to keep control after a contribution or donations to ay public cause is made public for a general wellbeing. Not all donations are made with money and sometimes it is an idea which is given and altered for a public service. The basic argument pamelajohnson1 is that the people of the United States of America have altered what became the advertisement for Christianity Christmas and Easter. 

    Yet, there is also more than just one Christmas as well as more than one Easter we also have more than one new year. This can become offensive to people who wish to strictly enforce a religious ceremony they also now share with a national celebration.

  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -   edited May 14
    @pamelajohnson1 ; You have no right to judge those who choose to honor Jesus at "Christ"mas or Easter Passover...this judgment is legalism, it's unattractive and unnecessary. If you desire to not honor these days, don't honor them...but leave those who choose to honor a day for the Lord to their freedom to do so (Romans 14)...there is no need to pursue irrelevant dissension among the brethren...your opinion does not trump the freedom in Christ to honor any day one would be better off minding your own business than flagging your legalism amongst the demons in this forum.


  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Sure @John_C_87
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    This is a debate forum who allow you to post what you want.  If you're not interested in the post, don't answer it. If you want to celebrate Christmas, celebrate it.  After all the long posts of scriptures you put up on this site, you're going to tell me I don't need to post something.  I guess you think that you are the real believer in Christ between the two of us. You are the one who could have come up with another debate, but you didn't.  So, if you don't like my post, move on. @pamelajohnson1
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; You did not use the reply function so I'm guessing that comment is addressed to me? I'll move one when ready or removed.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    It's obvious, we are not following the same spirit.  You seem to think that I am of darkness.  Prove it. Either you are following another spirit, or I am following another spirit, or we both are following another spirit.   So, prove it. By your post I bet you are one of those who have scriptures of Christian saying stickers on your car. You probably wear shirts with Jesus written on them, and probably wear a cross around your neck.  I know your kind.  Prove that I am of darkness, if you can. You will probably run away as you always do.@RickeyD
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ;  Pam, I don't know what spirit you are....I'm not concerned....have a good life...It's your life do as you please.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    I told you. You always run. You said that I was of darkness, I don't appreciate that.  That mean I am of the devil, and that could not be farthest from the truth.  I am a child of God.  I am a part of the body of Christ.  My life is hidden in Christ. That is the worst thing you could have said about me, is that I am not a child of God.  If you can't prove that, then don't say it. If you are going to call me a child of the devil, then you prove it!!!!
  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    @RickeyD ;have a good life...It's your life do as you please. 
    So you see what I mean you don’t like Christian people that aren’t like in your Christian group which is why Christians get such a reputation as being such mean sons of female dogs in every way. So this is why nobody likes all your gloomy Bible baloney which is so up your bottom it’s not funny.
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Because I said that Christmas and Easter are pagan, you get all bent out of shape.  Well let me tell you some more.  God does not share his sovereignty with no one or nothing.  Not even with a Santa clause and a rabbit with his eggs       Deuteronomy4:24                                                                                                                                                              For the Lord your God is a consuming fire, a jealous God
    Exodus 34:14
    14 Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God.

    Don't tell me it's not another God.  A nativity scene, a baby in a manger.  A Christmas Tree.  Presents. They're idols. 
    Thats why you don't need to have anything, because you will start to worship the stuff.
    You messed up when you called me darkness.  I am a child of the light.  That was such an insult. 
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; Not running Pam...just know when an argument is futility.
  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; @pamelajohnson1 These are not idols Pam....Idol's form in the heart....the heart of those who display the manger scene do so with the intent of remembrance of our Father's faithfulness much like our remembrance when we partake in the Lord's supper or communion....these things, done with the right heart and attitudes, glorify our Lord, not insult Him. You are a legalist seek things to bolster your hate for the Church and you think yourself wiser than God and holier than your neighbor...this is shameful. 
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    You don't really understand what being in Christ and of the body of Christ is. If you are the body of Christ, why do you need to celebrate yourself.  Either you are a part of his body or you're not.  You don't need anything to remember him, because you are a part of him. You are in him.  There are many copycats.  Religious spirits, who are there to keep you in infancy.   You are still a baby.   Communion is different.  This is something that Jesus said to do.
    1 Corinthians 11:24 “And when he had given thanks, he brake it, and said, Take, eat: this is my body, which is broken for you: this do in remembrance of me. @RickeyD
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    You may be older than I am, and you are a man, but you are still a baby. Because you don't understand spiritual things. @RickeyD
  • What does Christmas have to do with Christ?  The same with Easter. What does Easter have to do with Christ?
    Because a relationship exists between two holidays and religion does not mean the people must keep or celebrate either as only a religious holiday. 

  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ; Okay Pam....have a good day.
  • You may be older than I am, and you are a man, but you are still a baby. Because you don't understand spiritual things. @RickeyD

    "All men are created equal by their creator."
    Or, they are simply just held otherwise by one or all others.

    To contain and hold the level of discrimination for the sake of posterities and tranquility an option of multitask is used to establish without prejudice "all women are created equal by their creator."

  • BarnardotBarnardot 133 Pts   -  
    @pamelajohnson1 ;Because you don't understand spiritual things.

    Nobody understands spiritual things any way because no body has ever seen or met any thing spiritual so any thing you say that you know about spiritual things is made up any way and if you say things like you believe or you experience things which makes you understand then that is a big cop out because you are just making it up or some fancy nancy preacher who acts all kind and warm but is really just a con man told you so and you got sucked in by what he said.

  • RickeyDRickeyD 770 Pts   -   edited May 15
    @John_C_87 ; Can you please be understandable?

  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    I have no argument with that. Christmas and Easter should not be celebrated by believers in Christ, because everything is fulfilled in Christ.@John_C_87
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    My point was that he is a baby Christian.@John_C_87
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    No.  Sometimes when you hear bump in the night, it could have been something other than the dog.@Barnardot
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    Sure, run away, you have to part your beard to put in a bottle.@RickeyD
  • pamelajohnson1pamelajohnson1 113 Pts   -  
    By the way, how do I think that I am wiser than God?  No one or nothing is wiser than God. There is nothing that I have written that says that I am wiser than God.  And I don't hate the Churches.  There are a few that have the holy Spirit among them.  People have to travel long distances to get to them.   The rest of them are just out trying to get members to pay tithes to put in their building fund.@RickeyD
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