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Modern Hollywood movies are woeful.

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While watching youtube, I chanced upon a site devoted to giving previews of 10 upcoming Hollywood movies.    I clicked upon the site and watched the previews.    As expected, 9 out of 10 upcoming movies were extremely violent, the only one which was not was a children's cartoon type movie. The nine violent ones had similar characteristics.     They had the most incredible screenshots which were worth looking at, except that the scenes kept charging so rapidly that it was impossible to focus upon the screenshots before they changed.     Same for the special effects, which were breathtaking, except that they too had images that changed so rapidly it was hard to focus upon them.     Next came the storyline,s which were usually so preposterous that they they were funny.     Added to that, lots of political correctness, lots of minorities, and extremely beautiful, scantily clad female warriors, and extremely photogenic male warriors with supernatural fighting skills, and that just about sums up Hollywood today.   

As a student of history, I am struck by the fact that history has so many interesting characters and interesting stories which have never even been depicted in the movies.    And even when Hollywood did try to portray them in the past, they messed up the real story by making it look more "interesting" by completely changing the facts.   I have just about given up on watching movies today (the last one I bought was "Greyhound" staring Tom Hanks).     Does anyone else think that todays movies are boring and not worth watching?   If so, could you please explain why you think that way?

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4676 Pts   -  
    For various reasons, violence has always been a favorite subject of fiction writers, and that has been the case in all media of fiction: books, theater plays, video games - and movies. Hollywood today in this respect is very similar to the Hollywood of the 90-s, for instance, just the quality and abundance of special effects has changed. Movies that go beyond superficial plots and endless fighting between characters have been and are rare and have to be picked carefully from the pile.

    I have not watched a lot of movies recently, preferring books instead. The one I am watching currently is the Korean drama series "Mr. Sunshine", and in my view it is one of the best movies ever made. I have been drifting towards Asian cinematography for the past few years, so cannot say much about the latest Hollywood movies, as I had not watched many since 2019 or so. One of the obvious problems with old conglomerates such as Hollywood is that, at some point, they become reduced to mostly rehashing the old ideas over and over again - and, say, the Korean cinematography is (yet) largely free of this issue.
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 306 Pts   -  
    Have you seen "Top Gun: Maverick"?  It proves you are totally wrong.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 185 Pts   -  
    @Bogan But I thought that bogins and red necks really love the violence stuff but any way have you noticed how they used to have so much sex in movies but they don’t now and I bet your wondering why. Well it’s all because all the high tech affects they have is what the audience s want and that’s why it all looks so totally cool with violence because if you look at it then how are they going to make a sex movie look more cool with high tech are they going to make a man with a 5 foot doolie chase a woman down the street then do her by slamming her against the ceiling well no that would be totally ridiculous. But if you really want to whatch something real different and what’s going to be the next wave in movies then you have to whatch streets of Philadelphia on YouTube. That is all on hd and it makes return of the zombies look like Peter Pan. You just have to whatch that to see the future of movies believe me.
  • BoganBogan 168 Pts   -  

    I have not seen Top Gun Maverick and I probably never will.    I detest Tom Cruise as a person for the way he treated his former wife, Nicole Kidman, and I do not like the "too cool for school", egocentric, extrovert characters he is portrays in his movies.    I did see the original movie a long time ago, and I think that the reason why it was so popular then was because it was different to a lot of the movies around at the time which were beginning to decline in quality.

    I was unaware that the new Top Gun movie had even been released.    My comment about the woeful quality of contemporary movies came from watching the YouTube clip on 10 movies to be released in 2022.    I think that they may appeal to adolescents like Barnadot but adults have more taste.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 185 Pts   -  
    @Bogan the truth is that if your not going to like movies just because you don’t like the way the actors live in real life then you would not watch any movie at all because all the actors take substances and mess up there wives any way. Any way what about all the other actors other than the stars like are you going to look up all the actors profiles to check if they messed up there wives no that would be real dum. So what a dum reason to hate a movie just because you don’t like the way the star behaved with his wife.
  • BarnardotBarnardot 185 Pts   -   edited June 17
    @Bogan well the new movies have a lot of affects which take away the meenining of the movie but streets of Philadelphia is like raw and has inpact and they make one nearly every day in hd so that you can see all there pimples and scars so that is the way there doing it now witch is why your got to watch it it will change your life and you won’t feel to bad any more about being a bogin lol
  • BoganBogan 168 Pts   -  
    If i do not like an actor, Barnardot, I probably won't watch their movies.     Especially if the characters they typically portray, I find offensive also.   Tom Cruise always portrays a type of character I find repulsive.  

    Another reason why I find modern movies repulsive is their common practice of changing scenes too quickly, which I find really annoying.     Scenes may only last a second before it switches to another scene, which switches to another scene a second later.    I presume that the directors think that this makes the movies fast paced?     But to me, it simply destroys the ability of a person to enjoy the visual effects.    Today's movies seem more about visual effects than interesting storylines.    The fact that so many old movies have been redone is a symptom of this malaise.    Movie writers today have little imagination.    Another fault with movies today is their political correctness.    One aspect which really irks me is the usual threesome formulae of a handsome hero, a sexy female lead, and their ethnic pal.   It is in every movie now and it looks phony and it is phony.   Then you get characterizations like black African western gunfighters.   From what i understand of US history, and black African caught with a firearm in the old west would have ended up hanging off a tree.     
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