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Modern Hollywood movies are woeful.

Debate Information

While watching youtube, I chanced upon a site devoted to giving previews of 10 upcoming Hollywood movies.    I clicked upon the site and watched the previews.    As expected, 9 out of 10 upcoming movies were extremely violent, the only one which was not was a children's cartoon type movie. The nine violent ones had similar characteristics.     They had the most incredible screenshots which were worth looking at, except that the scenes kept charging so rapidly that it was impossible to focus upon the screenshots before they changed.     Same for the special effects, which were breathtaking, except that they too had images that changed so rapidly it was hard to focus upon them.     Next came the storyline,s which were usually so preposterous that they they were funny.     Added to that, lots of political correctness, lots of minorities, and extremely beautiful, scantily clad female warriors, and extremely photogenic male warriors with supernatural fighting skills, and that just about sums up Hollywood today.   

As a student of history, I am struck by the fact that history has so many interesting characters and interesting stories which have never even been depicted in the movies.    And even when Hollywood did try to portray them in the past, they messed up the real story by making it look more "interesting" by completely changing the facts.   I have just about given up on watching movies today (the last one I bought was "Greyhound" staring Tom Hanks).     Does anyone else think that todays movies are boring and not worth watching?   If so, could you please explain why you think that way?

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  • NomenclatureNomenclature 805 Pts   -  
    Couldn't agree more. There are some exceptions, of course, but generally movies in America have come to be viewed as consumer products, rather than artwork, and therein lies the problem. Financiers are looking to recoup and profit from investment, so all that matters from their perspective are bums on seats. 
  • jackjack 135 Pts   -   edited January 18
    Bogan said:

    Does anyone else think that todays movies are boring and not worth watching?   If so, could you please explain why you think that way?
    Hello B:

    Yeah, I think they're crappy too..  But, why don't you tell us the REAL reason for this debate.  You wanna BAN movies you don't like.

    Over to  you, censor man..


    PS:  If I'm wrong, please accept my sincerest apology...

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4891 Pts   -   edited January 18
    The vast majority of movies have always been... not particularly deep, as is the case with any other art. There is a bias that makes it look like the art today is worse than in the past: when thinking about the past, people only think about the tiny minority of gems, as everything else has been erased by the sands of time. Everyone knows who Shakespeare was; no one knows thousands of other popular writers whose art was quickly consumed and thrown away.

    This is also why people living in the US may think that art in other countries is different in this respect. This is because when, say, talking about the South Korean cinematography, what reaches the US theaters and Netflix is "Remember" or "Mr Sunshine", not all those thousands of Korean blockbusters that no one even bothered to make English subtitles to for nobody expected them to possibly gain any popularity in the English-speaking countries. If you have any Korean friends, ask them about the quality of movies offered to them routinely in the Seoul theaters, and you will hear much of the same complaints.

    As for changing a real world story in order to achieve a particular artistic goal, it has been done since the dawn of civilization. Have you read the Iliad by Homer? It is based on real historical events and it contains a lot of fictional characters and episodes such as the one with the "Troyan horse". Oh, and it is close to 3 millennia old.

    I am not a huge fan of Western movies nowadays, but the last Hollywood movie I watched was Unhinged (2020), and I thought it was absolutely fantastic.
  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  

    You agree with me, Nommie!!!!!

    Gosh, then I must be wrong.
  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  

    I accept your apology, excon.     You are forgiven.   Of all your sins.    Although, it is a very long list.    And I can see that there are a lot of juicy ones too!
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 805 Pts   -  
    You agree with me, Nommie!

    Yes, because you're criticising Hollywood movies instead of arguing whites are superior to blacks.

  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  
    .  @Nomenclature

    Once again you are lying.  I have never said that whites are superior to blacks in every situation.  Please stop making up lies about me.

    If you think that all races are equal.

    1.   By what reasoned thought did you come to that conclusion?
    2.  What evidence do you have that all races are equal?
  • NomenclatureNomenclature 805 Pts   -  
    Once again you are lying.

    Once again, no I'm not:-

    Bogan said:

    Does anyone else think that todays movies are boring and not worth watching?

    You're criticising Hollywood movies, exactly like I said.

  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  

    Too gutless to explain your own racism, Nommie?
  • jackjack 135 Pts   -   edited January 19
    Bogan said:

    I accept your apology, excon.     You are forgiven. 
    Hello B:

    Thanks, B.  So, you were ONLY criticizing the movies - NOT telling us what we can DO to rid ourselves of them??   

    Really?  I'm not so sure..  Of course, we've had this conversation before - on THESE very pages, I might add..  You were recommending we CENSOR violent, dangerous movies, because it's violent, dangerous movies that are responsible for the way people behave..

    Or, was that somebody else?? 

  • jackjack 135 Pts   -   edited January 22
    Argument Topic: Modern Hollywood movies are woeful

    Hello B:

    Ok, if we're talking about the movie business, and not  movie censorship, I'll throw this out..

    Today, there is an upheaval in the film industry.  The platform, itself, (Subscription TV, streaming, theaters, Netflix, etc.) is rapidly changing, so it's no wonder that good movie making can't find a home.  Hollywood is no longer the epicenter of the film industry.

    Having said that, amongst the trash, there are some gems.  You just have to seek them out.  Are they to your taste??  Probably not.  But, that's the great thing about art.  One man's vulgarity is another's lyric. Is that any different than it ever was? Probably not.

    The good news for you is, you don't have to watch. 


  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Favorites?

    What are your favorite movies of all time?
  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  
     @JulesKorngold ;

    1.   Lawrence of Arabia
    2.   Zulu
    3.   The Vikings    (Kirk Douglas)
    4.   Spartacus       (Kirk Douglas with excellent dialogue written by Peter Ustinov)
     5.   In The Heat of the Night     (Sydney Poitier     Absolutely first rate dialogue)
    6.  The Kings Speech
    7.   Citizen X   (excellent story based upon a real event)  
    8.   Dances With Wolves
    9.  Murder in Coweta County   (Johnny Cash and Andy Griffith.    Excellent story based upon a real event by exceptional actors, including Johnny Cash's wife.)  
    10. Jeremiah Johnson 

     You know, the sort of movies where you could actually hear what the actors were saying and you did not have to turn on the sub titles to understand what the hell was going on.    No explosions, No car chases.   The actresses kept their clothes on.    No superhero's.    The dialogue was realistic and relatable.     The characterizations were believable and well acted.      And no endless scene changes every 0.5 of a second which really pi-sses me off.    
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
    And what decades of movies would you consider "modern"?
  • jackjack 135 Pts   -   edited January 23
    Argument Topic: My favs


    1.  The Hunt for Red October
    2.   Forrest Gump
    3.   2001
    4.  The Limping Lady
    5.  Mohawk
    6.  The Wizard of Oz (original)
    7.  Crash
    8.  Schindler's List
    9.  Shane
    10. The Thing (original)
    11.  Any and all of the Jason Bourne movies

    Not a modern movie among 'em.

  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  

    Hi Jules, I have only see 5 of them


    1917       Okay, good sets, props, and costumes,  but predictable story line.

     Million Dollar Baby         Very good movie.   Very entertaining.   I watched it with three teenaged young ladies and they all enjoyed the movie, even though the subject would not normally be considered a chick flick. 

     A Beautiful Mind.    A good movie even though the story line was a bit tedious.    I do prefer movies about real events.

     No Country For Old Men.      I disliked it.  I found the movie to be disjointed, poorly spliced and hard to follow what was happening.   In addition, I do not like movies where a criminal is some sort of hero.   That puts ideas into young and dumb minds.     Although paradoxically, I think that "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly was one of the best westerns ever made.   it was quite groundbreaking with it's authentic sets, and the antics of it's three anti heroes were very amusing.     I still love the scene where they are going to hang Tuco (Eli Wallach) and it takes ten minutes for the public official to read all the charges he had been convicted on.    "Raping a minor of the white race, raping a virgin of the black race, cheating at cards, leading a wagon train onto the hunting grounds of the Sioux Indians, bigamy,  ............"

     Gladiator.     Woeful.     Very predictable story line and you had to keep asking yourself, if Russel Crowe was such an invincible gladiator, how come he could not escape his jailers?

  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: So...

    Thanks for your honesty.  You liked 60% of the "modern" movies you saw from my list.  Does that support your claim that modern movies are woeful?

    My list is based on IMDB's list of Top 250 Movies.  I doubt that 60% number would change much if you saw all 35 movies I listed.

    So, again, are you contradicting your "woeful" claim?  Is 60% woeful?
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  
    @JulesKorngold ;      I doubt that 60% number would change much if you saw all 35 movies I listed.

    One of the basic principles of statistical analysis is that drawing a conclusion about a large sample from a small sample should not be considered accurate.

    The reason why I consider movies today woeful is because of good reasons, at least to me.     The sound quality is so bad that it is usually impossible to understand what the actors are saying, so it is necessary to turn on the sub titles on your TV,    I know that there is a technical reason for this, but it does not alter my opinion that new movies today are unwatchable, at least when you are sitting at home watching a movie.     Today's movies are designed to be displayed in ultra modern movie houses which have ultra modern sound systems with multiple tracks playing at once.     But stereophonic systems in TV's today can not cope with that, nor can even older style movie theatres that do not possess multi channel sound systems.      In addition, TV's are now ultra slim with tiny speakers in the rear, which means that the sound channels devoted to speech get drowned out by those devoted to sound affects.     Result, unless watching a movie in an ultra modern movie theatre, you need sub titles to understand what the actors are saying.

    They shift scenes too quickly which to me personally is extremely annoying.      Compare this constant scene switching with the long picturesque scenes in Lawrance of Arabia where the audience is treated to the most beautiful visual scenes, including actions portrayed on the most amazing landscapes.       The reason why movies today do this is to try and impart the idea that the plot is developing so quickly that it is necessary to change scenes quickly.     it is done to portray a quality which often does not even exist.       Story lines today are too predictable and political correctness dictates that they also need to display predictable wokeism.

    Story lines seem to be written by children, not adults.    Probably because the target audience is adolescents.    Adults find these movies to be just silly.    The idea of having actors say anything profound about understanding the inner motivations of other actors in the movie, including the bad guy,  just do not exist today.  In it's place is wokedom.        Too many new movies are submerged in wokeism.      From the 80's it became axiomatic that every trio of main good guy actors included a photogenic male and female lead, with a minority sidekick.      It was a formula which was unrealistic and too predictable.    Today, we get female empowerment movies from Hervey Weinstein where the female lead takes on a role that a man should normally take on.   Watching a very photogenic young woman shoot, karate kick, bayonet, or kill people with swords is just ridiculous.   And after the action is over she takes off her clothes and treats the audience to scenes of her in her knickers or her nudity.  So too, every movie produced today seems to have THE MESSAGE that racism is the EIGHTH DEADLY SIN.     Take for example the quite good modern movie AVATAR where the bad guy oppressors are the white managed mining company composed of all humans,  the oppressed are the indigenous land owners on the mineral rich land the mining company covets, and the hero is a handicapped male who changes his race through some sort of shape stifling technology, to fight his own race of oppressors..   

    I was watching youtube one morning and saw a link to previews of 10 upcoming 2023 movies and I clicked on that. 9 out of the 10 were violent superhero movies with lots of explosions, rapid scene changes of computer generated special affects, and violent male, female, and minority leads.   The singular exception was a cartoon movie for kids.     No wonder Hollywood got woke and is now going broke.    The idea that a good movie can be produced with featuring ordinary people dealing with extraordinary situations without waving a gun around, seems to elude screenwriters today.      That is why I consider old movies written about real events (or even believable fictional events) involving actors portraying characters I can relate to, as being superior to today's movies.


  • jackjack 135 Pts   -  
    Bogan said:

    That is why I consider old movies written about real events (or even believable fictional events) involving actors portraying characters I can relate to, as being superior to today's movies.     

    Hello B:

    I don't disagree with you..  MOST movies are crap.  I dunno why that is..  MOST restaurants are crap.  MOST music is crap.  MOST paintings are crap..  Art is a lottery, really..  Some bad art is considered good  by somebody, and some good art is considered bad.. 

    I dunno why that is..  The hope is that somebody will pay them lots of money for their art..  Some guy made millions streaming silk from buildings in NY..  I dunno why..  Some people pay Tarantino lots of money to make crap like Kill Bill.  I dunno why.

    SOME people LOVE crap movies.  In a free country, they oughta be able to love 'em, right?


  • BoganBogan 266 Pts   -  

    I stopped replying to you some months ago when all you would do when I submitted long and reasoned arguments supporting my position, was for you to reply with sneery one liners and insults.  A month or so ago, you directed a post at me about something which was written in a very reasonable and polite way.    I wondered if you had finally realised that heckling was not debating?    And that you had mended your evil ways?     So I responded in my usual polite fashion, at the same time telling you that i was wondering if your uncharacteristic politeness was just a ploy to get me replying to you, whereupon you would revert to type and begin heckling and insulting me again?

    I was hardly surprised when you did just that.    You even claimed that I was "a ."

    Look ma-a-a-a-te.    If you can't control your emotions then I don't think you have any place on a debate site.      In any case, I gave you another chance and you blew it.     
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 439 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Try It, You Might Like It

    @Bogan said:  ... I consider old movies written about real events (or even believable fictional events) involving actors portraying characters I can relate to, as being superior to today's movies.

    "A Man Called Otto" fits that category and was released in 2023.
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