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What does god say about the LBGT?

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First and foremost, god scouted around and decided not to impregnate another man in a show of support for the lbgt out there. He went with a woman not another man. This might say that god is not gay nor perhaps in favor of the lbgt otherwise he would of impregnated a man and truely show that it was gods work. Since it is impossible for a man to give birth. Such a selfish thing you say. Is it not? at the end of the day when religious presumed lies have stretched as much as they can go. It's because god made it this way

can god commit sin for his own purpose of creating his plan into effect?

Would you love your mother if she'd told you that she made you just to get child support and never saw her in ur life?. Yea probably.

If anything is clear its going to be those little details that seem very clear everybody missed or dumb to notice. 

Before god got into it with mary, he MUST had scouted for days to find the right one. He preyed on women until he found the one who would not make it a big deal and be okay with something like he did. Who knows, maybe god had more than one candidate and disregarded the uglies and went with the best choice which would be wrong because he doesnt judge and loves everyone equal.

Also, this could also say that god DOES NOT trust women in any way. If god truely respected women he would have appointed a female as the Jesus Christ. But god chose man because women are incapable or deserve any respect to lead. 

Is this the reason why god forgives sins if you repent? because he sins too errrday? but as long as you reflect on the damage you do to someone and really mean it that you are sorry. Its okay. So where does this leave the other guy lucifer? did the get cast to hell because he commited sin but refused to say sorry for maybe what he thought was doing the right thing? gets casted to hell and threatens revenge from down there and suddenly the spotlight on em says hes darkness and evil.

So if a judge were to give you a life sentence because you refused to say sorry to the other party for something you didnt do and you know you were right and get thrown in jail for life. Wouldnt you be mad cursing threatening anyone? Nobody knows for sure but this is just the under details of the story you came to believe as the bible.


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  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 113 Pts   -  
    another example of a topic extracted from its thesis
  • bjinthirtybjinthirty 113 Pts   -  
    how do i deete a post
  • exconexcon 490 Pts   -  

    What does god say about the LBGT?

    Hello bj:

    Who's god?  Mine?  He says roll baby roll.

  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @excon that’s not a very respectable thing to say about God because what God said about those people is what we should all be focussing about because what did he actually say it was very clear and being blasey about it is just burying your self in the sand and God will punish such blasey attitude any way.
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