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Is Julian Assange The Number One Enemy of the USA?

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The man who founded Wikileaks came one step further to being extradited to the USA this week to face charges of, well we're not sure yet but something tantamount to spying and treason, carrying a penalty of at least one hundred years behind bars.

Is Assange really public enemy number one? Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning was eventually pardoned and released from prison after being convicted of stealing classified information yet the authorities seem intend on pursuing Assange's scalp for publishing said information. 

Who is worse, Manning for stealing the classified information or Assange for exposing it and what, if any, punishment should Assange get if he ever gets to the stage of being convicted?

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  • anarchist100anarchist100 644 Pts   -  
    Wiki Leaks brought accountability to the government, so they can't do whatever they want and lie about it anymore, Julian Assange is a hero, and we should be very thankful to him, Biden should pardon him.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4589 Pts   -  
    I am not sure what it means to be an "enemy of the US". The US is a country with 320 million inhabitants, and different inhabitants have different attitudes towards Julian's actions.

    In my view, he is overall a good guy, if a bit impractical and reckless. Governments, of all organizations, must be maximally transparent, and him exposing their dirty secrets is a step in the right direction, even if it compromises some individuals such as spies working in other countries. Those spies knew what they signed up for when they decided to play dangerous games with foreign dictators under the shroud of secrecy - secrecy that their head organization never had the right to provide.

    He, however, suffers from the (strange, but common among libertarian-minded people) particular animosity towards the US government: he will go to great lengths to expose its offenses, while being mostly silent on actions of much more abusive regimes such as the Russian and Chinese ones. A true champion of freedom and transparency should go first after their biggest violators, not after easy pickings.
  • BoganBogan 79 Pts   -  
    Julian Assange is not a nice person.     He has been charged with rape in Sweden and he escaped to the UK to avoid prosecution.    Charged with espionage by the USA, he was bailed out of jail by his friends and supporters and then fled to the Ecuadorian embassy, which meant that the naive people who supported him lost their bail money.     Even the Ecuadorians got fed up of Assange and they invited the UK police to arrest him.

    Julian Assange is just another trendy lefty who thinks that dumping on his own country, his own people, his own culture, and his people's allies is a real cool and trendy thing to do.    While Freedom of the Press is a very important feature of a free society, it is accepted by most people that such things as The Official Secrets Act "are normally outside of press freedoms.       I say "normally" because there can be exceptions.    Danial Ellsburg released to the public "The Pentagon Papers" which clearly displayed that the upper echelons of the US government were fully aware that most South Vietnamese people looked upon the NLF as their liberators from white colonial oppression, during the Vietnam war.      These high government officials were lying to their own public and prolonging this war by claim the exact opposite.    That was a clear example of a responsible journalist publishing government secrets which proved to the public that their own government officials were lying to them.

    Assange was different.     Some low level transgender creep who somehow enlisted into the US Army and then got transferred into a military intelligence unit, was able to download millions of secret documents which he put on a thumb drive and either sold or gave to Assange.    Assange published these documents which even revealed the names of US agents in hostile countries, and those agents were arrested and executed.    What Assange did was clearly espionage.   Espionage that was done solely to pander to his own self esteem as a leading light of the fashionable anti western forces who seem tom despise the very societies they choose to live in.

    It is a pity that such a talented and intelligent man became an enemy of his own people.    But sometimes these people get too cocky for their own good.   Like the really intelligent guy who stated the online drug sales on the Dark Web and who got caught, and is now in jail for the rest of his life,.    Assange will soon join him and together they can contemplate how they got too arrogant, and misused their intelligence, and must now pay the price.  
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @Bogan I reckon your making that up because what agent’s were arrested and executed because of Assange like nobody of them that’s how many and I bet you can’t even name them or give proof so I caught you out fair in square on that one
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