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Ebooks Or Printed Books?

Debate Information

  • Much more portable - able to have thousands on one device
  • Cheaper
  • Able to search keywords and topics
  • Able to highlight easily
  • Note-taking features
  • Virtually no physical storage need
  • Never go out of stock
  • Font size is adjustable
  • Built-in dictionary

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  • AmpersandAmpersand 820 Pts   -  
    I use ebooks but there is a big advantage to paper books in that a second hand market exists. 

    I’ve also found e-readers to be poorer and more finicky with both large images (mostly maps) that can be hard to view, books where you may want to frequently flip back and forth between certain sections such as the dramatis personae is more time consuming to flip and with books with lots of endnotes I’ll sometimes click on a link by accident while turning the page and be whizzed i to the endnotes.

    For me ebooks win out though due to portability. I like being able to read anywhere.

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    e books are lifeless and  lack quality.  printed books have style and personality  @JulesKorngold
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4589 Pts   -  
    One of the things I dislike the most in life is wasting space. Could be a result of me doing endless road trips with car camping, where every square inch you can liberate improves your quality of life significantly... If you look at my room, you will be surprised by how little stuff is there. A bed, a couch, a table with a computer, a chair, a shelf with essentials, a clock... No ornaments, no plants, no pictures, nothing.

    Printed books definitely waste space. All of the books I read are on my iPad and other electronic devices. In addition to being able to read books anywhere I want, I also do not have to deal with having to look for the page I stopped at the last time, holding the edges of the book so it does not arbitrarily close itself (especially a problem with freshly bought books), accidentally tearing pages or pouring drinks on them...
    I do like the feel of physical books, but it is significantly offset by all the drawbacks such books have. I do not think that I will ever return to reading those, now that iPad reading has become my default mode.
  • OakTownAOakTownA 238 Pts   -  
    I have mixed feelings. I love the tactile experience and the smell of books.  I also love going to book stores to explore titles. I like being able to flip through a book by a new author to see if I like their writing style. These are all things that you can't do with an ebook. However, I appreciate having a small device that can hold several hundred books at my fingertips, especially if I am traveling or reading a series of books.
  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -   edited June 24
    sure, i agree with the hunting in old bookstores, searching through old dusty tombs,m finding treasures of the past, the same with libraries; the joy of sudden discovery of a book ythat you never heard of; you do not get that with E-books   for instance i found a book titled 3 years before the mast, written in the 1800s in an out of the way book store.  i am often coming across old classics.  e-books, one simply go by the list of what is avaible.  @OakTownA
  • BarnardotBarnardot 157 Pts   -  
    @maxx ;e books are lifeless and  lack quality.  printed books have style and personality  @JulesKorngold

    Well your right but your got to beer in mind that your chopping down all the trees in Amazon and your going to destroy the world just because of that. I like the smell of books and there all different especially old and new and in be tween books and the different glus smell different to. So what I reckon is that you get some scientists to make up sinthetic smell s of those things and then buy a heap of iPad covers from the other Amazon then spray the different sprays on to the different iPad covers then rap them up again with organic paper and label them ye old world or modern poets or retro spy novels then you take them back to the other Amazon and you will end up selling heaps.

  • maxxmaxx 902 Pts   -  
    gee i do believe we plant more trees., however one can only find athe books avaible on line while old bookstores are treasures waiting.  @Barnardot
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