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Do black cars do more crime?

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When you look at it there are the most popular colors of cars that are black or white right and there were probably brown cars a round in the 70es but they were manly driven by the black hood who had no taste any way and they went out of fashion any way. So whats the inportance of this any way well if you look at it white cars re flect the heet and are better in countries where its hot and in the other hand the black cars ad sorb the heet and are better in cold countries right. so im not saying that black cars are bad but you have to look at the facts because if your drive a black car in a hot country then your going to get all sweety and it in packs on society by the people have to drink more water and then the black cars also stink and they are use less after that because no one wants to buy it only if its cheap and that drags the ecomony down so shouldnt we have this important discussion not because I dont like black cars but because its importany and how come all the hoods cars that do all the crimes and drugs there black so Im just saying that any way.

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