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How Harmful are "Natural" Cures?

Debate Information

A business analysist consultant is doing a case study on a "Natural Cure" hospital after concerns were raised by the public and the public health funding body...............

Consultant: So, just run this one past me one more time......what do those six semi-trailers lined up out there contain?

Logistics Manager: They're all loaded with fresh natural garlic...six times ten.....sixty tons worth actually, we use it for its medical properties...the allicin has er, well um ....well it has medical benefits.

Consultant: I see...that should last you for eons though.

Logistics Manager: Not at all. This is a one thousand bed hospital and all patients are prescribed garlic for, er well, everything but the allicin breaks down really quickly into toxic sulphides so each patient needs about 100 times the dose we originally planned which was 200 bulbs a day so that lot will last us two days.

Consultant: Ooooooh Kaaaaay. Now, moving on......what are all those trucks leaving the hospital carrying?

Logistics Manager: Ah well, they carry away the bodies. Our morgue can't cope with the workload so we outsource a couple of companies to do that for us. 

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