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Is stay-home mom a legitimate lifestyle choice?
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By agsragsr 861 Pts
A highly personal decision for many women if she should stay at home and raise kids or go to work and rely on either parents or nanny.
Many argue that stay home moms is better for the kids, but the counter argument is that it's better for mom's sanity and better financially for the family if mom goes back to work.
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  • I think it depends on the financial situation. It is important for children to have a strong mother figure who is present in their life, but in some circumstances it is better for the children to have both parents working so they can have more opportunities available. In any case, as long as it is the most fiscally responsible choice, there is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom; many enjoy it.
  • I believe it is a legitimate lifestyle choice due to its nonstop ours and hard work.
  •  I think that a stay at home mom is a sufficient job because most of the time they are taking care of their kids which require cooking and doing what the child wants most of the time which means the mother has to spend money but they can still be a stay at home mom and that is a legitimate job.  
  • brexitbrexit 22 Pts
    I agree with @averyapro . The job does require a lot and most of the time is 24/7.
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