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men are weak becoming weak

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are generation of men are weak all man should be fit now days everyone is getting fatter and weaker in U.S us men need to gain respect back and all men should be getting control back. In a relaship us men need to be in control and be on top in dating we need to be gentleman not be rude or impolite to women we need to respect them and in return women need to follow us do what we say in a  relaship and stay loyal with us. we men need to be stronger and work for stuff not be handed it we need to learn to fight for are self and make friends that will stay with us though anything and be there for also we need to become better as humans we need to read more book not some book about a dumb story I mean books about knowledge and we need to read them if we like them or not also we need to find are own information do are own research not just look at Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and reddit for new i mean look up what is what in this world and we need to not be scaredy-cats and this is for everyone in the U.S even me we need to learn more languages U.S dost even make up half the world and other places are learning langue's and we only know one language that's week people can make fun of you in public in another language and never know if they are or not. we need to become better we need to take a shower every day put on deodorant and collagen and thats the least we can do we need to work out even doing pushup sit-ups each day helps also read 20 or more mins each day we need to become smatter to help this planet and help us have a happy life.

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