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What do we do with all these useless people?

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Something that Yuval Noah Harari talked about, is that once most jobs are automated, there will be billions of people who will not have jobs, there will be no need for them, so what can be done? Harari says that his solution is for the government to provide food porn and video games for them, to keep them entertained throughout their useless meaningless lives, I don't really like this idea, billions of people living their lives of off the government with no chance of meaning or advancement is something that I see as truly detestable, if I where ever in that situation I would probably leave society forever. Instead I think the solution would be to make it so that by then we have less people, and I'm not saying that we should just kill everyone, but as society becomes for focused on individual fulfilment people will be less likely to have children and families. By the time this happens we could not have any useless people, and the people who are around will live forever because the transhumanist revolution will be around the same time.

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  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 341 Pts   -  
    Tell us more.  Are you getting this from Harari's book "Homo Deus"?
  • @anarchist100

    A machine is like a dumb and crazy child it may sit and do the same thing, day, after day, after day, after day, but, some useless person will still have to watch the machine every minute, of every day, day after day, for sooner or later its going to do something that proves it was really azz sh!t and crazy.

    After all it is going to do the same thing day, after day, after day, after day and have us do the same thing with it, day, after day, after day. 

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