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Is Liz Cheney good like some people think?

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No, Liz Cheney is pro-war, pro-torture and Pro-patriot act, sure she's speaking up against Trump, but she's part of a movement in the republican party that is far worse than Trump, and I don't want people to say that she's some hero of democracy, her father, who she is on the side of, only won the election through voter fraud, she was part of his murderous money making scheme to lie to the American people in order to go to war in Iraq, for this she must not be forgiven, especially since she still thinks it was a good idea. And what is even more detestable is people calling Cheney himself a hero. He's a mass-murderer. Trump is bad, but I'd prefer him as head of the republican part of murderous psychopathic neocons, and the reason they are against Trump might just be because they want to retake control of the party.
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