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Should we encourage people to eat more locally grown food?

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Hi, I was wondering if we should you think we should encourage people to eat more locally grown food. I'm trying to lay off the age defines maturity quesitions.

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  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4713 Pts   -  
    I think people should be encouraged to eat food based on how healthy it is for them and how much they like it, not based on the location of its ingredients at a particular point in time. The obvious advantage of locally grown food is its freshness without the need to use any special preservatives possibly negatively affecting its taste and nutritional value; the obvious disadvantage is its low variety (farmers in every region of Earth specialize on a small subset of foods that happen to grow best in that particular environment).

    To me personally, the defining factor here is convenience. While I would prefer getting my bread, fruits and vegetables on a farmer's market, going out of my way to go to such a market (that is open only on particular days at particular times and is typically overcrowded) takes too much time and effort, compared to a quick trip to my local Walmart where I can get everything I need. Farmer's markets also rarely feature nutritional labels, and I like to know what exactly my food consists of, how many calories it has, et cetera.
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