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Have you heard about American Redoubt? It's a white supremacist wanna be state in Idaho

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Why do white supremacists gravitate to Northern Idaho??


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  • anarchist100anarchist100 680 Pts   -  
    Sounds like a great idea, I hope the succeed, if they have their own state then they will all go there and leave the rest of us alone, we need something like this for all the annoying people out there.
  • BoganBogan 195 Pts   -  
    If there was a white only state populated by productive white people, there is no doubt in my mind that it would be an economic success.      The only problem would be, that every dysfunctional minority group would do everything it could to barge into the economically successful white state, in order to help themselves to the white welfare.     They would then create ethnic ghettoes with very high rates of criminal behaviour and welfare dependency.     Next, they would use their growing numbers to vote in politicians who pander to the dysfunctional vote, people enough to riot and burn down their own grocery stores (after they loot them)  and then demand to "Defund The Police."      When the whole place becomes ungovernable, then the whites do the "white flight" thing and will again try to set up a whites only successful state.    But the dysfunctional minorities with their horrendous birth rates will just keep on following them around.
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4713 Pts   -  
    I have not heard of it. By googling, I can find that there are no more than a few hundred people who have actually moved there; this "state" is less noticeable than some random Amish communities in the middle of nowhere in Indiana or Pennsylvania.

    To proclaim based on that that "white supremacists gravitate to Northern Idaho" is ridiculous: it is just a random place they picked based on it being fairly remote and removed from civilization. For a similar reason, the Free State Project folks picked New Hampshire as the target of their immigration and subversion: it is a small state territory-wise and population-wise, quite undeveloped, undesirable by other immigrants (for various reasons: lack of serious industry, climate, geographical remoteness...), and politically ambiguous. Unlike these folks, the free-staters actually have achieved some success: at least 6,000 of them live there now, and given how politically active most of them are, it is no surprise that they have already managed to push certain libertarian laws through the local senate that are unheard of in the rest of the US, going as far as to cause serious discussions on the right of the state's residents to not pay the federal taxes.

    Interestingly, who really gravitates to Northern Idaho nowadays is Californians. A lot of people flee California for its oppressive economical policies and massive inflation of living costs, and Idaho, in particular its eastern and northern territories, is quite appealing in that it offers the opposite extreme. This exodus is causing the real estate prices in Idaho to skyrocket, which obviously displeases the local population - but, at the same time, Californians build new IT businesses there and are slowly making formerly forsaken state into a new economical hub.

    I doubt that you are interested in reconciling this trend with the one that you suggested is taking place.
  • jackjack 45 Pts   -  
    MayCaesar said:
    I have not heard of it. By googling, I can find that there are no more than a few hundred people who have actually moved there;
    Hello May:

    I dunno...  If I was you, I'd check my sources..


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