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USA, Guns and The Rest of the world

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Firstly, I am not American, and nor do I own a firearm. So, I am not biased. However, my Father used to own a gun and used it for hunting which I never liked and I think he later regretted. I'm from the UK and it's a misconception that there is a blanket gun ban in the UK; there isn't. I remember watching a video of Shapiro stating that the UK apparently has a blanket gun ban; I guess general knowledge isn't really his strong point. This was a debate with him and Piers Morgan a while back, and if it's any consolation I found it equally amusing when Morgan couldn't say anything about handguns which do kill more people when called out on it.

Anyway, after countless debates, discussions, and reflection I have to the conclusion that Guns are not going anywhere anytime soon in the US, and in many cases, you would be a fool not to own a gun in some parts of the USA to protect yourself. Not only that but it is disrespectful for us to condemn the US people about something that is part of their culture and has been for some time. It is akin to telling someone they can't breathe.

That being said, I also agree that laws should be in place to make sure guns end up legally in the hands of responsible people that want to have them. Now, an objection to that is to say that there is no point in gun laws as people will still get them illegally anyway. This argument I find ludicrous and is the same as saying we should make all classes of drugs legal because people will get them illegally anyway. Yes, people will do and get things illegally but it will be a darn site harder to do so than if everything was legally accessible.

I agree with liberty and I am against extremism and to me a blanket gun ban on American culture is extremism. Likewise, no laws regarding guns are also extremism. One is totalirarion; the other is anarchy and ultimately none will lead to liberty in the end.

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