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Who do the Republicans support in the war in Ukraine?? Truly, I DON'T know.

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IF the Republicans take over the house, will they vote to suspend aid to Ukraine, and let Putin WIN?  You Trumpists want that, amirite?


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  • @jack

    Who do the republicans support in the Ukraine invasion...Not sure everyone who votes in America is a republican can you truthfully narrow it down a bit from asking about a republican point of view? As I see truth there may be two political candidates constitutionally in America, those who associate to party agenda, those who are not party associates in any case they are by truth so far all republicans. A trial for treason against a political party would need to occur to change this fact as whole truth. This constitutional separation means in order to by truth to align people to preserve democracy a primary should consist of party candidates only, taking place before a vote including candidates who not party candidates, we can then by assignment of Presadera have a vote between all female candidates and male candidates as well.

    As by fact we do not now all know, recognize, or understand by whole truth all men are created equal by their creator, and all women are created equal by their creator, the self-evident truth being these two groups are formed into a union with a establishment  Justice under oath of truth, and whole truth to that establishment.

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