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Is The Internet Making Us Smarter?

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Yes and no.  It provides access to more information ("Google is your friend.") yet makes it easy to spread misinformation and disinformation.  Critics say:  The internet has reduced our ability to focus; changed how our memory functions; promoted skimming text over deep, critical reading (which, in turn, promotes dangerously false information); and changed how we interact with people.

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  • WilliamEdwardWilliamEdward 0 Pts   -  
    @JulesKorngoldNo and yes. It makes it simple to transmit false information and deception while also giving access to more information ("Google is your friend"). The internet, according to critics, has altered our ability to concentrate, altered the way our memories work, encouraged superficial reading over in-depth analysis (which, in turn, encourages the spread of dangerously erroneous information), and altered how we connect with others.
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