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This is amazing about the fact of god existing

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Last sunday our captain at the salvation army shelter bible school was telling us that when you do your wife you let go of any where between 40 million and over a billion sperms and the woman will release 400 eggs over her hole fertile life, He reckoned thats because men work harder :) but the thing your got to realise is is what are the chances that it is going to be you that is going to be born? When you analise it  remember that each sperm and each egg can make a totally different baby so that means the chances of you coming out are 400 billion to 1 and that is so totally random, For example you could take out a ticket in the national lottery for example and you have 1 in 45 million chances of winning so therefore if you were picked at random is true then you will win the jackpot 1 million times, And has that ever happened? No way Hose may be some one has won it twice but 1 million times no. So that means that we can totally rule out that we are random and it means that only a very power full being could have ever matched the right sperm and the right egg at the right time to make you. So there for God exists because he actually has a blue print for every one before hand so it makes total sents that he would know which sperm and which egg and which time to make you.

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