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Christians......Shouldn't You Be Changing Your Faith?

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Christianity is pretty well dead in the guts by now. Sure, it will take a fair while to wind down following a multitude of lengthy court cases to distribute the obscene amounts of accumulated wealth amongst victims of abuse within churches. Christianity has never really delivered on its promises to its followers and is widely regarded now as a failed social experiment.

So, shouldn't Christians take stock now and start wondering if they actually do belong to the right religion?.......there are more than 10,000 religions in the world, each claiming to be the right and only pathway to God. And, let's face sit; 99% of those who practice Christianity do so not because they carefully vetted all religions and chose the correct one. They had their religion thrust upon them from family and cultural pressure and most likely because of their geographical location.

It's going to be an arduous process making sure that you've got it right but, given that Christians have obviously got it wrong, let's take a look at what I would say are a few of the front-runners.

     * The Australian Dreamtime.........this the oldest known religion, preceding the Abrahamic religions by some 40,000 years so it deserves the title of being the world's first and therefore only religion. And, take a look at the lifestyle of your typical Aboriginal family, they don't need to work since the government gives them handouts, no need for housework because there is no furniture...or floors, they even invented the microwave....just heave a stunned bluetongue onto an open fire and when you hear the alarm (the loud bang of intestines exploding) your meal is cooked. And hey, they have all their bases covered since they have a multitude of spirits to worship, for example "Phourex", the great water God and "Glu Inabag" ....the God of mind control.

     * Islam..........If one were to ignore the ad populum fallacy then this is the one to go for. By far the fastest growing religion, Islam can claim to be unadulterated and very much still close to its roots. Instead of just sneering at and hating gays for the heck of it, you can push them off rooftops...what a hoot....and you can watch all your favourite games  without interruption since the missus has to keep quiet and only come out of the kitchen when the hotdogs are done or to bring more beer. And, forget about Weight Watchers, everyone observes Ramadan and then you break the fast with a giant spread of yummy exotic foods, and no need for Uber Eats because the women folk will be busy preparing it days before. And, hey guys, here's the deal clincher.....anyone who signs up within the next two thousand years gets to sleep with seventy-six virgins....terms and conditions do apply but don't worry about the small print...just sign up.

     *Judaism........Okay, so you've always been a bit different from the mainstream and prone to being, let's say, a tad weird. Well, being a Jew is for you. After surviving genital mutilation its clear sailing all the way....plenty of festivals, family get-togethers and delicious kosher would never want to eat another bacon sandwich ever again. And, hey, if you want to run around wearing a Groucho Marx mask you certainly won't look out of place.

This is just my top three suggestions, what are some other suggestions for the correct, one and only religion?

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  • ScivioScivio 2 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: Pursuit of the Physical or of the Spiritual?

    Swolliw said:
    Christianity has never really delivered on its promises to its followers and is widely regarded now as a failed social experiment.
    What promises are are referring to? The promise of eternal life (see John 3:16) which refers to passing to eternity with God after the death of this life? If this promise, then how would one know that this promise is not being fulfilled seeing as we cannot necessarily communicate with the dead? Please define what "promises of Christianity" you are referring to.

    About Australian dreamtime. A reasonable moralist would have to recognize this religion for its peaceable practices. Swolliw, you argue that because the dreamtime claims to be the oldest religion, that it should be revered as the correct one. It may claim that it is the oldest religion dating back some 40,000 years, however this is an assumption. What is the basis for the earth even being this old?

    If you wish to grow yourself in a more permanent way, then throw away the physical and pursue the spiritual. If you are wanting to please and pursue your temporary, physical being (e.g. eating exotic foods and sleeping with seventy-six virgins), then it would not be recommended to focus on any religion with a spiritually based deity of worship. 

    You say that Christianity is wrong simply because there are so many other religions claiming to be right. Please give some actual basis as to why Christianity is wrong aside from multiple people claiming that they are right.
  • just_sayinjust_sayin 185 Pts   -   edited January 17
    Argument Topic: Nevertheless Christianity Persisted

    Let's take a look at your claims. I hope you are not suggesting that Christian churches have a bigger problem than public schools when it comes to child sexual assaults, because they do not.   Since the 1950's the percentage of Catholic priests accused with child sexual assault is about 4%, but since the 1990's the percentage is about 2%, while according to the Congressional report by the DOT on public school educator sexual assault, the percentage of physical child sexual assault is about 5-8 percent among public school teachers.  The lead researcher for the report said “So we think the Catholic Church has a problem? [T]he physical sexual abuse of students in schools is likely more than 100 times the abuse by priests[.]"

    Are you suggesting we shut down public schools and redistribute the money we pay in taxes for them?  If not, it seems hypocritical to target churches while ignoring a problem that according to the lead researcher for the DOT on the issue is up to 100 times what is in the Catholic church.

    The argument that there are many religions, so none of them are right seems weak to me.  There are many numbers, but 2+2 does have a number that works with  the equation.  In the same way, one would have to analysis the claims of a faith to determine what is valid about it.  With Christianity, the claims of Christ - specifically his death and resurrection seem to be most essential.  
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