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How Can We Tell When Someone Really Becomes A Functioning Adult?

Debate Information

When they:
  • Accept feedback gracefully

  • Apologize sincerely

  • Manage their time wisely

  • Say 'no' respectfully

  • Empathize with others

  • Make friends in any environment

  • Stick to a budget

  • Spend time alone

  • Ask for help

  • Wake up on time

  • Write clearly

  • Practice self-compassion

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  • I think it's hard to determine when someone really becomes an adult because it is very subjective. I don't think a person needs to have a fully developed brain to be mentally capable of adult responsibilities because there are many people who don't have a fully developed brain that make better decisions than people who have a fully developed brain.
  • BoganBogan 203 Pts   -  
    "Adult" people are socially responsible people.    To be socially responsible, you need o possess the capacity to limit your own natural desire to be entirely selfish in order to be part of a group.    CHildren learn this skill from the age of two (the terrible two's) when they begin to understand that they are not the centre of the uiniverse, and that they need to moderate their impulsive and selfish behaviour to be considered valued members of a family.     It is not surprising that parents and grandparents, the ones most dedicated to the onerous and vital task of socializing children, are societies most socially responsible demographics.     Criminals are most notably poorly socialised individuals who never learned how to sublimate their selfish, childish, and impulsive behaviour.    People who have these character traits usually come from families with low IQ, where parenting skills are almost non existent.        80% of African American children live in families without fathers.    Only 20% of Asian American children live in fatherless households,    Unsurprisingly, African American rates of criminality are very high, while Asian American rates of criminality are very low. 
  • PepsiguyPepsiguy 26 Pts   -  
    Argument Topic: At your mid-20s when your prefrontal cortex is fully developed
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 362 Pts   -  
    You're talking about physical maturity.  What about emotional and behavioral maturity?
  • PepsiguyPepsiguy 26 Pts   -  
    @JulesKorngold the same thing. The prefrontal cortex is the literal place that controls emotional and behavioral maturity. The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that controls decision making. That is science.
  • JulesKorngoldJulesKorngold 362 Pts   -  
    Are you saying a 29-year-old will automatically do things on my list of mature behaviors simply because of their age?
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