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clone a loved one?

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assuming we  could clone any individual, and clone them at any specific age one may want to. Would you have cloned a passed loved one, even knowing it would only be that person in looks; not having the same thoughts, deeds, desires, and way of thinking. Even knowing that the person may or may not like you, may or may not simply decide to vanish from your life. 

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  • SwolliwSwolliw 1477 Pts   -  
    Even knowing that the person may or may not like you, may or may not simply decide to vanish from your life. 

    I suppose that would quite easily happen in your case. If your excessively foul-smelling garlic breath doesn't scare them away, your wayward sense of (non) logic will definitely send them packing, never to be seen again.

  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  
    Of course. Whether it is "the same person" or not is more of a philosophical question; technically, because every single one of us changes all the time, you, maxx, are not the same person as the one who created this thread - yet there is a certain notion of continuity of your organism that makes this technicality irrelevant.

    As for them not necessarily liking me and possibly vanishing from my life... Call me a hopeless romantic, but to me simply knowing that someone I care about is doing well is a huge boon, even if I never directly interact with them, and even if they hate my guts. One of the warmest feelings I ever get is when one of my old students who I have never interacted with since the course was over emails me, thanks me for my teaching and tells me about their successes: "I got into a PhD program in Stanford!" Even if I do not feel like I have contributed to their successes much, the mere fact that someone I invested some time and effort in is doing great makes me happy.

    I would also clone myself. And have one of the clones change his gender, if only to see what the female version of me could stir up.
  • maxxmaxx 983 Pts   -  
    has nothing to do with the post. go drink your cheap beer and find another post. @Swolliw
  • maxxmaxx 983 Pts   -  
    well, it would be great to see the person; and even if the person stayed or entered your life, your expectations would fall, for they may look like the person, but their memories and ideas would be different. I agree though, i would as well do so, simply because i would at least want the semblance of the person alive. @MayCaesar
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  

    Why would someone's memories and ideas being different cause my expectations to fall? Sometimes I meet someone who I have not seen for years and who now has very different memories and ideas - yet I still treat them same way as before and have the same expectations of them as before. Since their brain is largely the same as before, just evolved due to passing time and new collected experience, I would treat them as the same person.

    For that matter, every time you meet someone, they are a different person than before. A friend who you hanged out with last night, this morning has different neurological content of their brain. And people can change quite significantly over time: it is not uncommon for a couple of people loving each other dearly to fall apart in 10 years due to taking different personal paths in life and no longer liking each other - but I have never heard of anyone in such cases assuming that they are dealing with a different person than before.
  • maxxmaxx 983 Pts   -   edited November 19
    because the person may be a complete stranger, and seeing the person as exactly as they were would give one expectations of familiarity, in the way they originally behaved and acted to you.  of course, i am sure you are the exception to the rule.  @MayCaesar
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  

    What rule? I thought you were talking about cloning, as the title suggests. If you instead are talking about making an android that superficially looks the same, but inside is an entirely different being - then my answer might change.
  • maxxmaxx 983 Pts   -  
    if you were to make a clone of your mom, who may no longer exist, and her personality and ideas are different, yetn you still would think of her as mom.  Yet ashe would not be as such. No matter how you know this, deep in your mind, or most people would, there would always be that idea that she was your mom; so your  expectations of her would fail.  @MayCaesar
  • MayCaesarMayCaesar 4800 Pts   -  

    You appear to be confused about how the human brain works when it comes to these things. Maternal instinct is incredibly strong, and there have been cases documented of a mother recognizing her son after decades of not seeing him since he was a little baby. It is safe to say that my cloned mother, when confronted with this instinct and given the suggestion that I am her son, would immediately understand and accept everything - and, given that her brain is largely unchanged compared to the original version, we will very quickly establish the same kind of relationship as before, minus the shared memories from the past (that are important, but are not necessary).

    Same goes for a lover. If you clone the girl I am in love with, then her brain will remain largely unchanged. Since her original version loves me, her cloned version would pick on the traits in me that attracted her original version to me to begin with, and our relationship would likely quickly become very similar.

    As for my expectations failing due to lack of shared memories, that is not an issue for me at all. I do not think that shared memories are what defines relationship between people. When I really like someone, I can have fun with them a minute after meeting them for the first time. I realize that this is a very untraditional outlook, but it is a valid and realistic one.
    Having the girl I love being with me, just without some memories - versus having her lay in a coffin? Not a very hard choice, maxx.
  • maxxmaxx 983 Pts   -   edited November 20
    certain parts may be unchanged; however a biologically cloned individual will still have different ideas on life, different attitudes to those they meet, different set of reactions to life entirely. This person would not recognize you and may not even accept you. However, at the risk of "putting words into your mouth" it seems you would gladly clone the individual, simply out of curiosity and a scientific point of view, rather than sentiment.  @MayCaesar ;  Myths about Cloning | FDA
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